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    Where do you get all your urainium?

    Bees are the best way. I produce stacks of bees; I have an auto crafting system hooked up between my tree farm and a spider farm, yielding insane amounts of untreated frames. Pump those into the radioactive bee alveary, and you're producing a uranium comb every 26 seconds I believe it is.
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    Alveary Mutator and Uranium

    Thanks guys. I thought it was a bug; apparently not using the ingots is a feature rather than a problem.
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    Alveary Mutator and Uranium

    My alveary mutator seems to be working improperly (at least, I think so). It does not work with refined uranium, only pure uranium ore. Is this intentional, is this a bug, or am I missing something?
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    Uses for cobblestone

    How can you make diamonds with cobble?
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    Supreme Texture Pack Lag

    So how can I resolve this liquid conundrum?
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    Rusty Line - Extra Bees - Can't Obtain?

    How have you even got to 8.2.0? I'm on 8.1.1 and was not even alerted to an update. However, if you already have rusty bees, you can probably get a serum for it with the isolator. EDIT: After some looking, in ExtraBees, the cultivated was changed to a diligent. Happy breeding!
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    Supreme Texture Pack Lag

    In the default Sphax texturepack (128x), I can easily get a great framerate. It is only when using the FTB texture pack that I get this lag.
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    Supreme Texture Pack Lag

    I currently use the Sphax FTB pack, and I love it! I use the 64x64 pack, however, because 128 is just unusable for me. I spit out well over 100 frames with the 64x, but as soon as I change to 128, even if i switch all the settings to minimum, my framerate fluctuates between about 8 and 25...
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    Diamond Miniblock Leftovers

    Well, that stinks. But thank you!
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    Diamond Miniblock Leftovers

    Indeed you can! Is there any way to convert a triple panel into single panels? I stupidly crafted the panel and cover into one.
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    Diamond Miniblock Leftovers

    I'm not exactly swimming in diamonds in my world, and my frame venture was quite expensive. The diamond drawplate was only a diamond cover (1/4 a diamond block), so no big deal there. The issue, however, is that the other 3/4 of the block...I don't have any way to convert it back to regular...
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    Detected leaking worlds in memory.

    I've got a clean MindCrack 8.1.1 installation as of 2 minutes ago, and I have this as well. Slightly troubling. BTW, does anyone know what's new in 8.1.1?
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    How to fix Ticking entity crash in Mindcrack v7 and Direwolf20 v4 Modpacks

    You're a lifesaver. I was worried my bees were doomed.