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  1. Daxternator

    dimension setting and mod update

    maybe this forum is the better way than the general chat: I play Interactions and the default overworld is set to Dimension 100 (why?). How can i change it back to 0, need that for Millenaire (ads dynamic villages) which only run in Dimension 0. i tried to change it myself, but somehow messed to...
  2. Daxternator

    FTB Interactions 1.9.1

    I'm not realy sure (still on the void island aside from creative testing the overworld) but there are many ores with names with which I have no Idea what they are (right now). Maybe Tin get just another name or you need to craft (maybe the generation is disabled) it from others. Maybe searching...
  3. Daxternator

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    FTB Interractions: The overworld is somehow set to Dimension 100. Any Idea why? (and not the default 0?) but my main Question is: how can i change that? Because i want to run millenaire (adds villages that are way better then the vanilla ones (more dynamic, they use the supplies you sell them...