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    Whitelist Server L2Devastation ~ Ultimate Pack ~ Whitelist ~ New ~ 50 Slots ~ Age: 21+ ~ NoMobGrief ~ Mining Age

    1. Forum Name: Tolgrimm 2. In Game Name: Tolgrimm 3. Age: 30 4. Country: Germany 5. Timezone: CET (GMT +1) 6. Prior Minecraft Experience: I was playing Minecraft on and off for quite some time, played it a lot the second half of 2012. Then I read about FTB, totally by accident, and since then I...
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    Soul Shard mod and Equivelant exchange OP together?

    No, as long as it's discussed in regards to the mod pack in general (as is the case here), it belongs in this forum. Also, the discussion could as well be about whether a mod should be included in the pack, rejected for the pack or banned from the pack. People will have different opinions about...
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    Soul Shard mod and Equivelant exchange OP together?

    Mods are explicitely rejected for the mod pack if they are "unbalanced", so I find it perfectly legitimate to discuss changes in mods. Asking for (not: demanding) changes is also not forbidden...
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    Mods decided to make it impossible to make solar power!!!!

    Was that even a GregTech change? Also, what the two posters above me said. Get creative.
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    Can high pressure boilers explode?

    No. Just remember providing water and you're good.
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    Haven't been here long but

    Wow, this thread. I'm struggling with a response - just want to say that I hope the forums WON'T change. I'm almost at a loss for words here regarding Hoff's "complaint".
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    EMC - EE - Energy Condenser

    Considering that mods are explicitely rejected for being "overpowered" or "unbalanced" in the FTB packs, I don't feel badly when I point out serious flaws in mods. FTB in itself was a "challenging" map by creation before it became a mod pack. So yeah, everyone can play however they want, but I...
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    Alveary mutators

    Oh yeah, sorry about that; same thing happened to me, although just with a bit of uranium ore. I'd just use three mutators with cheap uranium ore instead of one with a nether star. Works great for me.
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    Alveary mutators

    Had the same probleme, there seems to be some kind of bug. Taking out the mutator blocks or the whole alveary and then putting them together again makes them work at least once... not ideal, but doable for the moment.
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    lava and liquiducts

    There is a bug with Thermal Expansion (fixed in a newer version that's not yet in the packs) that makes Liquiducts loose most of the liquid when connected to a pump. Spread the word!
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    Ftb memory connection overburdened

    I'm getting those huge lag spikes since the last update to the mindcrack pack (and the message "memory overburdened")... something is fishy. Jumping to a mystcraft world and back seems to trigger it really badly (though granted, I still use the "old" mystcraft - maybe there's a connection).
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    Extra Bees - List of possible serums?

    You can look some things up (Extra Bees has a rudimentary wiki and there exist some threads here and there), other times you can make an educated guess... Nevertheless, feel free to come back for important information. ;)
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    Extra Bees - List of possible serums?

    rainfall = flyer trait, can work during the rain territory either has something to do with the area where they grow flowers/ "pollinate" rocks or where you feel the bees' effect (good or bad) - or both
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    MystCraft Discussion Thread

    Yeah, maybe the block still exits in old worlds but cannot be build in new ones? If that's the case I would be really interested if it's still possible to modify your linking books - intra-linking and following come to mind. Would be really sad to loose this abilty...
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    MystCraft Discussion Thread

    Hmm, okay. I'm a bit confused because the changelog says Removes linkmodifier recipe
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    MystCraft Discussion Thread

    Any info on how the linking books work now? Can they still be modified to work in the same dimension?
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    Will EE3 be in the Mindcrack pack?

    Personally, I hope it won't be included.
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    Steve's Carts ideas

    Unfortunately, Steve's Carts only works with vanilla saplings at this point...
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    EE3 4 Gold=1 diamond ?

    I thought about this a bit more, especially what my man irritant with EE3 is. It's not really the simplicity of it all (though I still dislike it), but the fact that it is so... boring (lacking a better word at the moment). Several mods could be considered OP, and for a good reason. But I...
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    EE3 4 Gold=1 diamond ?

    I think there is a huge misunderstanding here - this whole "oh come on, the exchange rates are fine" argument is just a distraction! The problem lies in the non-existing cost of the magical stone. I guess nobody here has a problem with being able to transmute stuff, a lot of mods let you do...