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    Whitelist Server Arelia FTB | Mindcrack 8.3.2 | A friendly community server! | Expensive Recipes Disabled!

    It's pretty much necessary, isn't it? I don't think Unhinged would be very popular at all- Unleashed may be unbalanced on the front of easiness, but Unhinged is extremely grindy and has pretty much everything set on absurdly expensive; which is contrary to how this server has been since I...
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    What is the most overwhelming item you ever crafted?

    That's what I thought about nonstackables, and then I discovered the magic that is XyCraft fab. Alternatively, in new versions, use the BC crafting table or TE crafter. For me? Fusion Reactor. Self explanatory, I would think.
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    Would 16GB of RAM help?

    There'd be no reason to buy a new CPU. The 2600k is still pretty top-notch, though most of SB's prowess comes from its excellent overclockability compared to IB and Haswell.
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    King Lemming has stated previously that he was (at least) considering liquiducts that could pull without an external redstone signal, though at an added cost. If you want a single block pump, you could use a wooden/emerald pipe + autarchic gate -> liquiduct, but that seems redundant anyways.
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    Phased conductive pipe?

    Why would you even want them? Tesseracts are king.
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    Redstone Energy Conduits

    You could still use them as "buffer blocks" for when machines with high peak energy usage (ExB, for example) overload the normal capabilities of your energy network. I don't love or hate this change- it does encourage a lot of cool setups, but also dissuades me from using other cool ones. I...
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    mDiyo; u wot m8

    Man, and someone said that TiC and Natura were super flowery, easy mods. Yeah, sure. Natura will mess up your day!
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    Diamond Pipes don't connect to Factorization Barrels

    1.4.7 ultimate; unless I've gotten something seriously wrong, KL didn't add insertion pipes until 1.5.
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    You can't really say Minecraft is a massively multiplayer online game. Yes, it has multiplayer, and there are certainly servers that play with many at once- it doesn't provide the same general... I don't know, tone? It's not quite the same. While you certainly interact with a lot of people, it's...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    This is objectively wrong. Forestry and IC2 have never been related- forestry bronze =/= IC2 bronze. In the really old FTB Beta pack pre-GT nerf, both recipes existed; obviously, people used the 3+1 = 4 recipe from Forestry. Forestry is not obligated to balance around IC2, because Forestry has...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    Mystcraft is honestly even more grindy than Gregtech at times. I get the villager trading aspect, but there's a point where it's literally just going through hundreds of villagers just to find a single page you want. RichardG's Misc.Peripherals would help, but I doubt Greg would put a mod of...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    The fuss isn't primarily about the packs. I don't even know how it got shifted to the packs. The main issue was with Greg's intentional game crash. That is all. Pretty much all the other drama stemmed from it. As it stands, and as Jaded said, this discussion has basically been done to crap at...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    No, Greg, mDiyo and some other sources have confirmed that the only mods in the GregPack are Greg's personally recommended mods for it. It's completely upon his discretion.
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    About difficulty/tedium and the terms we use (GT and similar)

    That stands in massive contrast to GregTech; even if you understand every principle of Gregtech and min/max the hell out of your gameplay, you're still going to spend at LEAST a week of nonstop grinding to get through the tech tree. It isn't knowledge or immersion gated; you are only slowed down...
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    The future of FTB Modpacks pt 2

    Isn't KL still away somewhere?
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    Suggest Mods For FTB Here

    I recall Slowpoke saying somewhere that UE will never be added to official FTB packs. I doubt this has changed.
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    Redpower Timer Alternative

    I can't recommend item loops in good faith- they cause way more lag then necessary for pretty much any use.
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    Thaumcraft 4 - The Update Thread! Now With Infusion Crafting

    I laughed more when he shook his character's head around furiously right after it died. Exactly what I would do in that situation.
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    The future of FTB Modpacks pt 2

    Natura adds some pretty nasty stuff, if I remember right. Like giant spiders that will ruin your day.
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    You doubt it? So mDiyo's lying? Okay, if the evidence isn't enough, how about the fact that Greg has not only admitted to it, but bragged about crashing the game being an "effective method"?