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    No options.txt on a mac install

    Wat do? It's on my gf's computer and I can't see what's happening, but she's read off the contents of her minecraft folder to me and options.txt simply isn't there. I need to find it to turn off fullscreen=true cause her game locks up after initializing and she can't do anything but reboot her...
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    Firing in mid-air / turning / what have you, isn't a problem actually. The guntube is gimballed and de-coupled, it automatically compensates for changes in elevation so the gunner doesn't have to be a savant to hit targets while moving.
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    There's plenty of other weapon systems that use DU besides the Abrams, it's only sabot rounds that are made of it, and we don't fire those willy-nilly, they're only useful against heavily armored targets like enemy tanks :p Wings are a crutch. ;)
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    Y U NO LIEK TANKZ :( :( :( in '03 the Iraqis called them Ali-Baba because they thought they had literal forcefields, and could operate at night :cool: Plus, when we fired main-gun rounds, from inside it sounds like the tank says DOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMmmm :D
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    It's a gas turbine, just like aircraft have. The only practical difference is the power is split and sent to two sprockets that drive tank tracks instead of a fan or propeller (commonly called turbo-shaft, turbo-fan, turbo-prop).
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    Don't take it personal yall, Reika's brilliant.. just not so hot at the whole human interaction thing ;) For instance, he never mentioned anywhere that the improved turbine noise came from me (skip to 1:05)
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    The extractor will run with pre-jet tech, it just won't be working at ub0rspeed. Gearing and playing with different speed is well and good, but most people seem not to realize that wattage is wattage; at a certain point you simply need more engine. I've run an extractor with 6 AC engines...
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    Decisions Decisions

    With Science.
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    Need Help with RotaryCraft steel

    Bahahahahahahahhahaahaaaaaaaa... didn't notice the op date XD I've made a automated, geared, clutched, infinitely magnetized AC-engine powered Extractor setup, I promise you, I'm aware that RC requires it's own steel.
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    Need Help with RotaryCraft steel

    Ok obviously this needs to be spelled out. Whether it's GT or RC is irrelevant. 1: he's 7 versions back so who gives a shit. 2: the RC blast furnace is not tricky or complicated, if he were actually using it this thread wouldn't exist, but he's trying to cheat, obviously. 3: hurr durr x steel...
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    Need Help with RotaryCraft steel

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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    I hate vanilla enchanting. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it. I want Enchanting Plus in every pack.
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    Need Help with RotaryCraft steel

    Remove HSLA from RC Blast Furnace, use. What is the problem?If the op is struggling with literally the first step of RC it might not be the mod for them.
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    Need Help with RotaryCraft steel

    Well um, A: GT isn't in Monster, so.. Secondly: you're using a version of the pack that's 7 versions out of date, so.. Last: You have to use RC's crafting table if you wanna play with RC. Specifically because of oredict nonsense the only way to make hsla tools is in the worktable(bench...
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    The Best Power Source

    To this day it bugs me that I've never set up a Factorization "solar cone". Someone did it on Forgecraft a few seasons back, Elo or Mattabase I think. I might actually do it now that silver isn't an issue, hooray for Extractors <3
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    Future of GeoStrata and DyeTrees

    I think it's many people, myself included, who actually like Geostrata crystals ..but aren't crazy about the rock, but don't use dyetrees heavily, but don't want to be selfish so we're voting for the logical / greater good and not our own super particular demands.
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    Future of GeoStrata and DyeTrees

    I vote for whatever makes it easier for Reika to push content :) Merging Meteorcraft with a rock-only Geostrata would make sense too imho.
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    Late game boredom: What does one do with fifteen full resonant energy cells?

    Rotarycraft has some serious power hogs with seriously epic results. Wanna turn a desert into glass? ^^
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    What is the point of steam boilers now?

    Single boilers (I mean single block, smallest possible) are actually fantastic for powering small purpose-built machines. I try to stay away from centralizing all my power and feeding everything from one source, so I actually use boilers quite a bit still :)
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    Problem/question with Factorization

    The caliometric might not like modded food, if that's what you're trying.