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    mean concussion creeper

    blood magic armor with a void sigil slotted into it(according to direwolf) slotting a void sigil into the bound armor makes you immune to void damage. So, cheat yourself the required stuff to make it, use creative to break bedrock and fly down (with a magnet) to grab your stuff then replace the...
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    1: I'm fairly certain they are infinite in their transfer. Only limited by the type of duct you are using. 2: Not sure but if you set up a mob grinder, make sure to collect the treasure bags from Thaumcraft for killing the named mobs. You can get diamonds, emeralds, ender pearls, along with...
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    But, Flux is also the Goo from Thaumcraft. IE: Flux flu, Flux goo, etc
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    1.0.3: Cursed Earth Lost it's high-spawning capabilities

    By any chance are you using a room with a ceiling made of chisel blocks? I've noticed that they don't block light at all.
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    So, going to look at the modpack change logs, I noticed something interesting No mods in the list for it, and under the image it says "iF I told you, It wouldn't be a secret anymore" What do ya'll think? Tech based HQM pack?
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    Crash Report: Already Tessellating!

    Normally, (in my experience) the "already Tessellating" error has to do with an entity that is being rendered. (every time its happened to me its been a Villager) So, while it will be fine for a while, expect it to happen again
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    Crash Report: Already Tessellating!

    It normally does. Problem is it doesn't play well with mods. Is your pc just not powerful enough for the DW20 pack or are you experiencing the chunk loading lag that is prevalent in 1.7.10? If its the latter try adding fastcraft(its a mod by Player) you can find it over on the industrialcraft...
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    Crash Report: Already Tessellating!

    Update cohf core. Make sure optifine is up to date as well, but definitely make sure you're on the latest version of cofh core(might want to update everything else that uses the RF api while you're at it.) If none of that works, remove optifine and see if that resolves it.
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    Crash Report: Already Tessellating!

    Optifine and thermal expansion have issues with each other. I know this was the case before the dw20 was released, but I'm not sure if team cohf(or optifine) fixed it since it "wasn't high on their fix list" might be a misquote, also not condemning the decision.
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    Autoplacing Carpenter's Blocks

    Like maybe outlining an area in a specific block type auto fills the remainder(assuming you have enough of the block in question in your inventory)
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    AE2 Question - Fuzzy Patterns?

    I'm assuming you have Ender IO installed, or at least Thermal Expansion. can you give an example of an alloy that requires the dust to be made before being smelted? Most of them should be able to be induction smelted, hell even Enderium has a recipe in Ender IO now. Aside from Signalum (or...
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    AE2 Question - Fuzzy Patterns?

    You could just ME export bus all ores into a grinder of some kind and have it auto eject into a furnace which gets pulled back into the ME system via interface. You should be able to export every major use ore using just one export bus. Cinnabar, Uranium, Yellorite,(and Cyanite once i get my...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    maybe not a simple question. Is it possible to push/pull from the same side of TE machines in 1.7?
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    1.0.2: SP World does not load anymore

    Well, the crash report is pointing to MFR block breaker. try disabling and loading to see if that fixes it.
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    1.0.2: 4GB ram, java 8 lag

    I crash every now and then with a "max permgen size ignored. No longer supported" error I'll pop your parameters in just for poopoos and hahas
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    1.0.2: 4GB ram, java 8 lag

    Java 8 stopped using permgen unless that's a new parameter
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    1.0.1: Error while running launchMinecraft(): java.lang.NullPointerException

    Too little ram. Try giving the launcher 2 GB and see if it fixes it
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    1.0.2: Direwolf20 1.7.10 and Optifine

    Cofh core doesn't play well with optifine
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    For death prevention. Witchery has the protection poppets that keep you alive.
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    1.0.1: NEI not working

    Yeah, it's been buggy for a while. (read all of 1.7