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    Whitelist Server The-Construct | Mature 16+ | v8.0.1+ | Logistic Pipes | TS3 | 20 TPS | 12GB | Protections/Anti-Grief

    IGN: cow5215 Age: 18 Country: United States Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) no Experience with mods?: many years through installing them and having my own modded server Will you use TS3?: yes if needed Answer to the secret question?: purple Do you know someone on...
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    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    IGN: Cow5215 AGE: 16 YOUR FAVORITE MOD IN THE PACK: Buildcraft and Industrialcraft EXPERIENCE WITH THESE MODS: I know a few but then there's a list of thirty. HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED AND WHY: No ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: N/A
  3. C | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: Cow5215 Where you heard about the server: FTB Forums Why you would like to play on the server: I love playing online right now and i seen a mumble server so it seems like it will be a nice community If you have any bans on record: Nope What can you bring to the community: Alot of knowledge...
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    ShiftedPlay FTB [FTB Pack A, 1.4.2] [White List] [Survival]

    IGN: Cow5215 16+ Age?:Y Agree to the rules?:Y
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    Food For Tools|1.4.2|White List|New Server

    IGN: Cow5215 AGE: 18 WHY: I've been looking for a modded server that's white listed and have people that talk on mumble or teamspeak. ANYTHING: I follow the rules and have a lot of knowledge in these mods