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    Whitelist Server [] [1.4.7 - Mindcrack V8.2.0] [Whitelist | Mature | 16+ | No lag and 24/7]

    In-game name: azulaz Age: 21 Hours spent for MC per day: 10+ FTB/Mods experience: Forestry, thermal craft, thaumcraft. been playing FTB for a few months. Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft Server, and if so, why?: Never have, never will. Why should we accept your application?: I like...
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    Whitelist Server RedstoneCraft|MindCrack V8.01|Whitelisted|24/7|Mumble

    Age: 21 Experience with the mods: Thermal craft, thaumcraft, forestry, and working on understanding bees Would you say you are a mature person? I would say so. Have you ever been banned from a server? Never been banned nor will I ever get banned IGN: azulaz
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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED]Minecraft Maniac FTB Server[Friendly][Mindcrack][Dedicated24/7][Whitelist][NightlyBackups]

    Age: 21 Name (Optional): Rachel In-Game Name: azulaz Location: Virginia, USA Hobbies/Interests: youtube, youtube, and feed the beast. Have you ever been banned from another server? If so which one(s) and why? (We check your ban history): No I don't believe I have ever been banned from a server...
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    I downloaded those files you listed and it works perfectly. you are a life saver my friend =)
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    Thanks again lavarthan. i know this must be getting annoying for you lol. I'm not very tech savey. i'll let you know how it goes. If i may though. If I want to play on other servers like ultimate, or direwolf20 would i have to download other files for those as well?
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    I uninstalled. deleted everything that comes with java. re-installed java and the updated JDK or whatever it's called. verified my version on java and they said i had the complete up to date version. deleted everything FTB related and it's still saying the same thing. Im starting to believe it...
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    I seem to be getting the same exact pastebin. i uninstalled java and got the java 7 update 21. I deleted anything FTB related. made a folder called FTB and dragged the launcher into it.
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    thanks lavarthan i'll do that :)
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    Not really sure If this is the right pastebin, It never gave me a pastebin option so i just copied it from the console.
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    Whenever I try to start up anything on FTB i get a "there was a fatal error starting up minecraft and FML" minecraft cannot launch in it's current configuration please consult the file C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Direwolf20\minecraft\ForgeModLoader-client-0.log the Direwolf20 in the C: can be...
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    Whitelist Server Triple Nation | MindCrack | Whitelist | 16+ | TS3 | Plugins | Dedicated Server

    In Game Name: azulaz Age: 20 New to mods: Yes / No no, not new to the mods, or mods in general. About yourself: madly in love with FTB, been playing it forever. I'm looking for a server that isn't so laggy as the ones I have been on are, also looking for a nice small community that has a...
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    Whitelist Server Nuclear Alliance [FTB Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Survival] [Essentials]

    IGN: azulaz Age: 20 Whitelist link: Why do you want to join the server: to have a fun time and the fact i don't like servers with tons of people. i'm very helpful in anything i do in the game so i would love to help...
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    i went and registered on your website
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    is the server down atm? it says i can't connect.
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    IGN: azulaz Age: 20 Previously Banned?: Why do you join whitelisted servers?: i like how no random person can come in and destroy stuff, it's easier to catch the person doing it, and i like whitelisted communities...
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    [1.4.6]|{InfinityMC}|Mindcrack|Whitelist|100 Slots 8gb Ram|New Server!

    Ingame Name: azulaz Age: 20 Mod Experience: been using FTB for quite some time. always something new to learn about which i enjoy =) About Yourself: Well, i love friendly communities and i feel yours will be just that. Love helping people in any way i can and just having some fun as well. How...
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    LogiCraft [Direwolf20 Pack][Whitelist][Mature 16+][Teamspeak][24/7]

    1. Username: azulaz 2. Age: 20 3. Whats your favorite Mod? Forestry 4. Why would you like to join our server? To enjoy a nice environment with friendly admins and players. that is my main goal. 5. What could you bring to the server? friendliness is number 1. i love to help people with anything...
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    CheeseMonkey's MindCrack Server [1.4.6 MindCrack][White List]

    Ingame Name: azulaz Age: 20 Skype: - Why you want to join: I'm looking for a down to earth server with a cool community and i feel this server might have it. love helping people out and would like to help people out in game anytime they need it.
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    Whitelist Server CREATE the BEAST / Direwolf20 Modpack / Whitelist / 24/7 Uptime / 18+

    IGN: azulaz Age: 20 Location: USA, Virginia. Why Us?: I'm looking for a really cool server that isn't overrun by a lot of people, and I have taken an interest in yours. =) What will you do?: Anything and everything, seriously. Experience with Minecraft: I've been playing since release, all the...