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    Launcher will not work

    Running with the same setup on Linux, and this is what I get trying to run on terminal: bash $ java -jar FTB_Launcher.jar [23:25:05] [DEBUG] Main.main:173: Launcher arguments: [] [23:25:05] [DEBUG] Main.main:174: Launcher PID: 1603 [23:25:05] [DEBUG] Main.main:185: FTB Launcher CI Build #...
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    Easy-To-Use ComputerCraft Support?

    Actually, "literally" is not becoming a synonym of "very"; it is an intensifier that, while not meaning "figuratively", is used in a figurative manner, such as "literally makes my blood boil", etc. This particular meaning shift can be traced back pretty far; as far as I know, it appears in at...
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    Easy-To-Use ComputerCraft Support?

    I am not defining any word use by a native speaker as correct; even native speakers occasionally make mistakes. Yes, saying that such utterances would mean such things is absurd indeed, and that is why I never attempted to imply that such a thing is the case. Instead, I am saying that a...
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    Easy-To-Use ComputerCraft Support?

    All information about the acceptability and usage of some word or feature in a language is only able to be received from a native speaker. A native speaker inherently knows the meanings of the words they use in their native language; to them, such "malapropisms" are not actually malapropisms as...
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    Easy-To-Use ComputerCraft Support?

    The orthography - the written language - is different from the spoken language. The written language is based off of the spoken language, and proficiency is measured based on the spoken language. Being able to use the spoken language in its written form is ultimately secondary; if you can write...
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    Easy-To-Use ComputerCraft Support?

    Proficiency in a language is defined as the ability to use a language effectively compared to a native speaker. Native speakers of languages by definition have the highest proficiency in their language, regardless of other factors of intelligence, education, etc. (again, sorry for the bump.)
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    Unsupported Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest Bug Reporting

    Make sure your High Oven is high enough. SInce 2.1.2, it's changed so that the Oven needs to be at least 5 blocks tall to melt iron into steel.
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    If those exploits are ever fixed, will the XP stuff be re-enabled?
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    Cobalt and Ardite in Agrarian Skies

    Does sieving netherrack give you anything? I think I remember it giving you stuff with ex aliquo installed. Maybe you can get cobalt and ardite that way.
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    [1.6.4] Surg's Skyblocks

    It has to be the sides, yes.
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    My base!

    I would suggest focusing on RotaryCraft. It's a really expansive and complex and interesting mod.
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    Yup, v20 isn't in Monster yet.
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    ReactorCraft - clever reactor setups?

    I just realized - two of these ReactorCraft fusion reactors, if built in the real world at the full efficiency provided by ReactorCraft fusion reactors, could, by themselves, power France at peak power consumption. You would, by contrast, need 30 to 60 ReactorCraft fusion reactors to power the...
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    Changing two liquids of the same type into one another.

    Reika da bawce! But seriously, the GT fusion reactor makes no sense, and it produces far less power than the ReactorCraft fusion reactor anyway, so why the hell would you even build a GT fusion reactor when the ReactorCraft one is objectively better in the first place? :D
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    [WIP] [1.6.4] [1.7.2 IN PROGRESS] MortTech

    I would highly suggest you NOT use Java 8 for modding. Extremely few people use it right now.
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    Magic Farm 2 venting and advice thread

    So, is the highest saturation level wholesome, or hearty?
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    How to start RotaryCraft?

    Ah. That makes more sense.
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    How to start RotaryCraft?

    To be fair, it's not particularly hard to find an underground lava pool when you're starting out. :P
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    How to start RotaryCraft?

    The machines not dropping anything if broken with an MPS power fist or drill is intentional.
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    How to start RotaryCraft?

    I honestly see no reason why you would view any of things as not viable in the early game. They actually look like they would be incredibly useful when you'e starting out!