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    7th or 8th gen Intel CPUs?

    Don't buy a 940mx if u want to game in any other games beside minecraft, it is weak.
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    Problem Why can't my interface insert items into another interface for subnetwork processing? Hi, I am trying to replicate this video and to craft simple recipes like clay>hardened clay. In the picture, I have the pattern inserted into the flat interface and it is connect to the block interface. I have attached a storage bus into...
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    Automating the Shard of minium production in 1.6.4

    There the automatous activator from thermal expansion that work,
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    Your favorite way of mining manually
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    Creating a lag free mystcraft world

    I'm looking to move my base to a mystcraft page since living in the overworld is 20 fps lag. I think using a void age would increase my fps by quite a lot. What page do i use to create the best world for lag free? So far I been thinking of No weather,single biome/mushroom island, void.
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    Your favorite way of mining manually

    I use veinminer and mining go by so much faster
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    Is gregtech worth in Monster pack

    The ue mods are amazing, the thing i really love is cheap steel recipe with basic component, 4 coal +1 iron= steel XD
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    Is gregtech worth in Monster pack

    If u watch bevo video like his latest one one, gregtech might take you a long time to start like the bronze age and etc, but the benefit in the late/mid game is better then any mods.
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    Thermal Expansion liquiducts not showing but still there

    I have the same problem where i have a lava drum feeding lava into TC smeltery using fluiduct and it now invisible and u can't do nothing about it
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    Sorting and stuffs

    Because it project red and it not updated to the latest one that add some experimental piping(i think). Project red is not redpower, it a replacement and not everything is there
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    Sorting and stuffs

    Build a me system with a logistic pipe remote orderer
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    Example of generating early game power using DW20 1.6.4 pack

    Don't Void charcoal, put it in a barrel lol
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    Ender IO in monster pack!!! FTB team I love you guys!!!

    Or you coulda just downloaded the mod and install it
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    Question! How to install xray mod into Direwolf20 1.6.4 modpack?

    Stop playing a resource collecting game if u gonna x ray please. Sent from my GT-P5210 using Tapatalk
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    Filtering items?

    Use mfr rancher and get ink sac from squid, put that into a bio reactor i think, and make biofuel for boiler
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    Mod Author Question

    There a block in extra utilities it like a little piggy bank that can show u the author name and donation link
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    Filtering items?

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    Should I update my DW20 pack to 1.0.7?

    U only have to replace the conduit and fluiduct in the crafting grid
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    Chain mail armour

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    odd message on bottom right.

    I think it thaumcraft.