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    1.0.0: Project red sickles dont work

    I'm seeing this behavior on vanilla grass as well. The sickles only break the block clicked on and don't take durability damage. They do work if you break a botania flower as intended. I've noticed this happening outside of the FTB packs as well, so guessing it's a bug in the mod itself.
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    1.0.0: Waila with bat form

    According to the morph github, this is a bug that appears when morph is installed with Ars Magica 2 and/or Tinkers. This hitbox stays the same as the non morphed player. Be careful in 1x1 areas too, you will suffocate. see issue 583 on iChun's Morph github to watch this issue. -zal
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    Whitelist Server Techiecraft | DW20 v1.1.3| Whitelist | 20 slots |

    Glad to see the server is still alive and kicking. Going to be getting on here more, so hope to see some familiar faces.
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    Playing around with the new server

    Playing around with the new server