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    [MC 1.6.4] Utopia³ Server

    Private Utopia³ Server using custom modpack Our server, our modpack, our rules! Disclaimer: The Utopia Network does not have permissions to distribute its mods as a mod pack. However we have provided a list below of the mods we use, allowing you to manually download them and create the same...
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    FTB Ultimate Artisans [HD] [SMP]

    FTB Ultimate Artisans is an SMP Lets Play series using the FTB Ultimate Mod Pack with a few extra mods added, such as Ars Magica. The server is private and whitelisted. The following links will take you to the channels of the server members, where you can watch from their point of few...
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    Mystcraft Video Tutorial

    Hello everyone, FunshineX here! I've just published a new video to my YouTube channel that will show you all things Mystcraft. Version 0.10.0 adds a lot of new functionality and gets rid of the requirement to generate 100s of random worlds to get new symbols. Check it all out here:
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    Seeking: Thaumcraft In-Depth Guides

    Hello community. The wiki team is in need of your expert TC3 knowledge. I've got the articles for the basics covered, as well as research/essences etc. What I need is in-depth articles on specific pieces, such as: "Expert Golemency": covering not how to create golems and what they do or how...
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    FunshineX - Magic Stick [FTB Magic Pack + Ars Magica] [HD]

    I'll be doing a short mini-series on the FTB Magic Pack, focusing on TC3, while we wait for the Ultimate Pack to be released. Now in HD starting with Episode 8! Episode 1: If you're new to my channel you may want to check out the season finale of last series to see why FunshineX is using...
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    Seeking: Getting Started Guides

    Hello community. Please read Jaded's post first as to how the community driven portion of the wiki will work. At this time we are in need of written introductions to the main mods of the FTB pack. If you have in depth knowledge of these mods and can write in a way that someone brand new could...
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    Red States vs Blue States

    Target Release: February 2013 UPDATE: **Delayed** Sorry The map is now entering Public Beta!! Please send me a private message on the forums if you would like to participate. Please include the following: Name (so I can credit you as a playtester) Email (so I can share the MultiMC instance...
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    google search

    This site has horrible search optimization. If you search feed the beast, it doesn't show up at all on google search Whatever you can do to make the google crawler find it better would be great
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    FunshineX's FTB Insanity

    Here's the playlist and the first video: ... e=view_all 0VRmQJ02Oog
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    Hello Everyone! FunshineX here. You may have seen me from such youtube videos as FTB SMP with damnedsky or FTB Insanity Love the tech mods. I also have a let's play with the goal of featuring ComputerCraft that's on hiatus