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    1.7.10 - Nuclear Fallout - [Unlisted][Unguided Progression][Custom mods][Challenge][Survival]

    Which is only a small portion of the world. For the most part, it's really just a kitchen sink modpack with a couple little twists and altered progression; although, it's pretty good at doing that.
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    1.7.10 - Nuclear Fallout - [Unlisted][Unguided Progression][Custom mods][Challenge][Survival]

    It's a great modpack because it attempts to balance some aspects, but I don't understand the fallout theme it's meant to have.
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    Private Pack [CLOSED] Seriously, why are you keeping this thread alive

    Age: (you could be 7 for all I care) 16 Preferred play-style: (building, creating cool redstone contraptions, etc.) Figuring out solutions to complex problems. (modded) Minecraft history: (what have you done in (modded) minecraft before) I first started playing with mods with Industrialcraft 1...
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    Private Pack TechnicallyFun | 1.7.10 | Techinallyfun V6.0.0 | Whitelist

    *IGN: Sam112234243 *First Name: Samuel *Country you live in?; US *Age: 16 *How long you have been playing FTB?: A week after the launcher was made. I never really played the original map but I have been playing modded minecraft since industrial craft 1 version 1. What is your favorite mod in...
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    Whitelist Server [RusticCraft] EnderEmpire | Closed

    I'd like to join because the pack looks interesting and a small community would be nice. IGN-Sam112234243
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    Whitelist Server (Closed for maintenance) The Dark Trilogy(1.7.10)|No banned items|Small Community|

    Name (Not required): Minecraft User-Name: Sam112234243 Preffered Name: Sam Age (Preffered but not required): 16 Have you ever been banned: No Why you want to play: This pack looks really cool and I want to play a small server with little restrictions to experience the pack the best.
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    Private Pack NoodlePowered Network | Custom modpack | Great community | Teamspeak | Skype

    IGN (Minecraft Username): Sam112234243 Age: 16 Timezone: Eastern Standard time How will you benefit our community? I'm well knowledgeable in most of the tech mods and know quite a lot about the magic mods as well. I will try to help out people as best as I can.
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    Private Pack Kingdoms .. [1.7.10 ]survival whitelisted [mature ] teamspeak

    1.In-Game Name: Sam112234243 2.Age: 16 3.Country: US 4.How often you play?: 1-2 hours a day on most days of the week 5.Reason for wanting to join private pack?: The theme sounds unique and interesting. 6.I have read theme and guideline rules of pack?: Yes, and I agree to your terms.
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    Salmon's Beast Server

    IGN: Sam112234243 Age: 14 Expectations: Some fun, some ingenuity, some work, and a great time overall. Do you agree to the rules?: Yes
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    The.Factory |FTB Beta Pack A|Whitelist| PvE, Small, No Grief, Friendly,

    IGN: Sam112234243 Have you read and accept to obey the rules?: Yes Have you been banned before?: No IF so, why and how many times?: N/A Why should you be whitelisted?: I'd like to take the time to advance in technology on your server and work on new factorization methods and nuclear reactor...
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    In Game Name: Sam112234243 AGE: (Important): 14 Why you are applying: I like to play industrial mods on a server for the social aspects of minecraft. What you expect: Fun, a place to learn LUA, redstone, machines, and cooperation. Also I like blue.