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    best OS? Linux?

    you need some knowledge to run a server opened to the internet both on windows and linux to keep it secure, so take some time and inform yourself on either plattform you choose, because even a linux server badly configured can get worse ;)
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    PLC, or "Wireless Redstone on Crack" would that fit into FTB Pack?

    it should be chunk loading safe, and for programming the language is not a normal one, its a logic plan like you would place gates on the ground. But you can even control a quarry with it:
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    PLC, or "Wireless Redstone on Crack" would that fit into FTB Pack?

    I just released a Beta for my first Mod "Programmable Logic Controllers", take a look at the main forum thread: i would like to hear how it would fit in the tech pack in your oppinion, this is no...
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    Red Power 2 News

    because than is the span in version number shorter to next release in 7 months ;)
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    new FTB update pretty much ruined the launcher.

    a bit more information please like a crashlog
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    FTB Central Mod Permissions

    i give permsission to slowpoke, his team and all mod packs what are distributed through the FTB Launcher program to use recent and any future releases of my mod: modPLC this may NOT include sub modules...
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    Incremental Server Backups on Linux

    I want to show you a short tutorial how to make incremental backups on your minecraft server. The incremental means that only differed files are actually saved and you can make frequently backups without wasting much diskspace. this is based on the linux tool rsnapshot, i will show the way to...
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    Does the launcher work for you?

    working like a charm in normal use (despite he has thrown a shitload of errors at me while developing it ;) )
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    Use The .minecraft in Roaming

    i dont think its the issue here because 2 things: 1. the redirect is done via enviorment variable or by using reflection to rewrite a variable in minecraft itself, so no redirects or something 2. is this directory stored on your harddrive like others, this may an issue if you put the folder on a...
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    I'm having server crash issues

    no its a bug in adv machines and will be fixed with next ftb release