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  1. RolngJones

    Please help me find this old Twitch streamer

    ohh man, did you find that streamer? I understand who you are talking about. however I do not remember the name
  2. RolngJones

    Small Streamer! (FTB Rev 1.12.2+ mods)

    I am also a streamer mate! however i have been streaming for way less time
  3. RolngJones

    FTB Tutorials in 60 Seconds

    the last video is pretty useless
  4. RolngJones

    Long Time Content Creator - Let's Play - Tutorials

    I really like your videos!
  5. RolngJones

    Computer fast enough to run FTB?

    it must be ok actually
  6. RolngJones

    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    you actually think so?!
  7. RolngJones

    Morb issue

    wow, that is the first time I have heard something like that actually
  8. RolngJones

    Can i run any modpacks with this spec

    I guess it could actually run 1.7.4
  9. RolngJones

    Request FTB Revelation

    let's hope it will come soon
  10. RolngJones

    Biomass production

    that would be a great idea actually