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    Whitelist Server Elite Perseverance Infinity 1.2.0 | No Banned Items | No Lag | Mature Players Preferred

    In Game Name: Decessus Age: 25 Have you ever been banned from previous servers? If so, Why?: I have not. Do you get along with others well?: I can tolerate everyone, whether we get along is a story of maturity, attitude, similarities, and other things. Do you prefer playing in a group or...
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    Whitelist Server nFernalGaming | Monster 1.0.11 | Whitelist | Dedicated | Mumble

    In-Game (MC) Name: Decessus 2. Age: 24 3. How many times have you been banned? Never. 4. What is your favorite book and why would you recommend it? I suppose I would have to recommend a Dictionary or Thesaurus since they're very handy for many things. I've got no other 'book' I could put...
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    Whitelist Server {[Oddworld]} Horizon ftb [whitelist|no plugins| 24/7 Creeperhost Server]

    Minecraft Name: Decessus Why you want to join: Looking to explore this mod, and I feel it might be better with people. Haha. I've tried joining a server from these forums, but they died out rather quickly. Anyways, if there is anything else you'd like to know please feel free to send me a...
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    INGAME NAME?: Decessus AGE?: 24 LOCATION?: Nebraska, USA HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY?: More often than not, I play daily. Usually in the later hours. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE MODS AND HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR BUILDING SKILLS?: My favorite mods are: Red power(Just the Redstone additions, honestly not...
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    Whitelist Server Speed The Beast Ultimate| 24/7 | 18+ | 15 Slots

    -IGN: Decessus -Age: 24 -Tell us a little about yourself: Well I'm a nice guy, usually quiet at first, but when I get to know people more I am more outgoing. I am keen on sharing if I've got the tools and the willingness to do it. If there is any information you need to know that is not here...
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    Whitelist Server FTB Australia | Mindcrack v7 | Mature (25+ Only) | Survival | TS3 |

    I am going to apply to join your forum, and then apply for the white-list there.
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    UGcraft/Mindcrack v7/Whitelist/18+/3GB RAM/15 Slots/24/7

    I was un-whitelisted. And there was no warning, no PM here either. Could I possibly trouble you for an explanation? Was it the log in then out I did? If it was, I apologies. Apparently my PC/connection couldn't keep up with your sever. I was experiencing severe lag on my side. So I figured...
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    UGcraft/Mindcrack v7/Whitelist/18+/3GB RAM/15 Slots/24/7

    1. In game name/skype name: Decessus; the.mantus 2. Age: Twenty-Three 3. Location: Nebraska, USA 4. How long have you played Minecraft: Since Indev, or Infdev 5. How long have you played FTB: For a while now, since I saw some of the Mindcracker's play it. 6. What are your strong/weak points in...
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    Automation Inc. | Feed The Beast | Whitelist | PVE | Mature 18+

    Minecraft user name: Decessus Age: 23 Past experience: I've been playing Minecraft for a long-long time. Indev, I believe. And I've played Tekkit quite a bit, to the point where I have some confidence in what I am doing, which applies somewhat to Feed The Beast. However, I don't feel like I am a...
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    DarkUSA's FTB Server | [1.4.2] FTB BETA Pack A | Whitelist

    In-Game Name: Decessus Age: Twenty-Three Minecraft and Mod Experience: I've been playing for about two weeks now. However, I've had a lot more experience with Tekkit, so I suppose some of those "credits" transfer from that, yes? All-in-all, I'd say about eight months practice? What you like...