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    [1.7.10] TerraFirmaPunk 2.0 - TerraFirmaCraft & SteamPunk Adventures

    Overall it's a very good pack, my favorite of the terrafirma "series". Could use few updates and possibly some small rethinking on its use in servers. Our players have liked it, but onewolf has disappeared from the world it seems :/ We would love to see the pack being developed again <3
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    [1.7.10] TerraFirmaPunk 2.0 - TerraFirmaCraft & SteamPunk Adventures

    IE excavator doesn't seem to produce anything on any of the "modified" veins - coal vein is the only one to produce anything as such. Only unbrok-- non-modified vein in the pack :p
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    [1.7.10] TerraFirmaPunk 2.0 - TerraFirmaCraft & SteamPunk Adventures

    We do have a smallish whitelisted community that has had this pack for few days now. Seems to run fairly well with no big issues even that the pack might be bit old. Lot of fun stuff to do and terrafirma-mechanics to make it more interesting ;) If someone wants to have a go, we're at...
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    Greylist Server The Beast Unleashed [TPPI 1.1.2 | Few Banned Items | MyTown | Dedicated Server | Dynmap]

    I can vouch for this server too, been with it for couple of days now. An active owner, friendly and fun community - far less disabled items then anywhere else.
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    Private Pack NoodlePowered Network | Custom modpack | Great community | Teamspeak | Skype

    IGN: LameGirlyCurly Age: 33 Timezone: gmt +3 (or gmt +2, madness with the summer/winter timeswitching) How will you benefit our community? I consider myself a decent player, if I find a good community I will stick with it (was with the previous from it's womb to grave *sniff*). Not an expert in...