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    Horizons III Release's been 3-4 days now, but I finally have enough Erodium to upgrade my void ore miner to tier 2! Edit: Could somebody do me a favor and let me know what the chances of getting Kyronite from a Tier 2 Void Ore Miner is for you? I'm curious how much I'm screwing myself by having added the...
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    Horizons III Release

    So, the mob crusher goes through all three stages on slimes, but sadly it's doesn't appear to be essence positive. Still not sure how to keep up with essence other than constantly smelting stuff that just gets deleted. That disappointment aside, XNET is freaking amazing. It's like EnderIO...
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    Horizons III Release

    I'm using a Chaos Gem with Flight, Capacity 4 and Recharge 4, which works wonderfully, lasts a long time and recharges pretty fast. Hopefully I'll eventually find an Everlasting Abilities totem with Flight, though, because it would be nice not to have to ever worry about running out of power...
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    Horizons III Release

    I know it works on polished stone ones because I did it (accidentally...I was just trying to make a polished stone machete as my starting weapon.) Incidentally, does anyone know of any non-essence way of spawning mobs in the pack? I'm worried about having enough essence (I know the resourceful...
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    Horizons III Release

    I thought the heads were from a mod...never even thought about it being Halloween. Duh... So will a polished stone one. I have a Cat's Eye Machete sitting in a chest that I haven't used because I didn't want to cheat. Also, a tip for anyone looking to make the void ore miner...Glow Roses are...
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    Horizons III Release it normal for overworld mobs to spawn in the nether in 1.12? I found zombies, creepers, skeletons and spiders spawning all over the place, and it's kind of awful. Mostly the skeletons, they make walking near edges scary af without flight of any sort.
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    Horizons III Release

    Yes, but those (with the default configs) won't generate most of the Silent's Gems ores or Dark ore. But like I said, I changed my configs so that the Void Ore Miner will generate them at half the rarity of diamond, and the nether ores only from tier 3 up, and the end ores only from tier 5 and up.
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    Horizons III Release

    The Vertical Digger is akin to a quarry, and Extra Utilities (at least in 1.10, I haven't played with it in 1.12) has the Quantum Quarry. Edit: On second thought, I think I'll just add them to the void ore miner from Environmental Tech. I'm not sure what all is missing besides Silent's Gems...
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    Horizons III Release

    Perhaps I'm an idiot and missing something, but the pack appears to lack any sort of quarry, correct? I know there are void miners, but there are a lot of things that they won't generate, and I don't really want to have to do a lot of manual mining mid to late game. I realize I could...
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    Official FTB Pack Suggestions Thread

    You don't need a smeltery to make a TiCon Hammer. You need 36 of basically any metal to make a Tool Forge. So, basically, the TF hammers will save you maybe 15-30 minutes before you have a repairable hammer. That hardly seems overpowered to me.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Phantom Faces are one of my favorite things ever. In my Skyfactory world I was automating a field of endoflames, and the only thing you could see was the open crate and the pressure plate. I used a phantom face connected to the open crate that was hidden under the ground, along with a...
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    Sky Factory 3 - Void Ore Miner question

    Also, Skyfactory 3 has the Garden of Glass recipe for the orechid, so it's really not hard to get. I had one in my last playthrough and I didn't get deep into Botania at all (I was trying to do a no sifting/mining playthrough, but there's no way to get prosperity shards without doing one or the...
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    Closed Quantum Tank Recipe Gives No Output

    Summary of the problem Quantum Tank Recipe Gives No Output Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? Despite filling in the items properly when shift-clicking, there's no output for the quantum tank. Were I to venture a guess, it's probably something to do with the obsidian tank that's part of...
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    Ender Chest question

    It does seem to be the floaty logs that get left, but the Lumber Axe has changed too. It used to cut down whole trees instantly and take all the durability it was going to use instantly, but now you can watch it progress up the tree (assuming the tree is big enough) while the durability ticks...
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    DW20 1.10 pack (latest update) Can't find Lapis.. anywhere :(

    But it doesn't have a constant power draw like the Ender IO farming station. Granted, you can have it harvesting so fast it doesn't really make a difference (I grew 1000 potatoes from a 9X9 farm in about half an hour the other day because I needed 10 poison potatoes) but without some...
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    Ender Chest question

    Interestingly, if you have Refined Storage set up, it seems to always craft vanilla chests from auto-crafting, regardless of the type of wood used (I'm only growing spruce, set up the auto-craft pattern with spruce with oreDict checked, always get vanilla chests.) I've found, at least in the...
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    Public Service Message: Big Reactors mod is out for 1.10 with a name change

    I've got to admit, I read through the Deep Resonance manual and it seemed like way too much work for way too little power at the point I'd be able to set it up (and I love Rotarycraft, which people complain is too complex.) Granted, if I actually knew how it worked, I might not feel that way...
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Has anyone had trouble with Thaumcraft Wisps and Ender IO Killer Joes previously? I have (as far as I know) the latest 1.7.10 versions of Ender IO, Thaumcraft and Chromaticraft, but when I put a couple wisp spawners in my killing chamber, I kept getting disconnected (despite the fact I'm...
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    How far could I get in Infinity: Expert mode skyblock.

    The Immersive Engineering Crusher is cool, but it's so slow. I had one world where I was using it for nothing more than processing coal ore (because it had the best return), and it ended up with multiple thousands of blocks of ore backlogged in the machine. It kept running for literal days...
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    Whats Your Power Setup For Your Base?

    Yeah, I just tested it in a creative world to see how much steam it would use. A max sized Advanced Generators Steam Turbine using Enderium Turbines uses 12.5 buckets of steam a tick (so 31.25 Steam Boilers). That's enough for 6.25 maxed out Big Reactors turbines. It looks like I'm sticking...