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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    I'm starting to lose faith in FTB. Curse look no better than a bunch of greedy persons spaming ads and their premium stuff everywhere. On the long term, this WILL be the demise of the nice community that is FTB
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    So as compensation to all forum users. (Mod Pack Mod List - New Feature Pack)

    It's nice to have a modpack which isn't : "THROW ALL THE MODS IN THERE !"
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    Challenge, Reward, and the ratio between them

    Challenge (and Reward too, same arguments apply to it) is way too subjective when playing Minecraft. There definitely isn't any true definition of challenge in that game. THAT is the main problem. This is why people whine here and other praise modders there. But too many don't realize it, and...
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    1.6.4 Liquid Fuel Boiler fuel changes.

    You always repeat the same thing : "I hate these changes, they're for a niche". But do you have actual evidence on what you say ? And don't you have better arguments ? Honestly, from an objective point, it just seems like you're having a bad time with the mod changes. You should just chill out...
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    Minecraft 1.7

    A full rewrite would be the best thing to do at this point, but well, they probably aren't gonna do it, and that would mean that mods would have to be reworked 100% too
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    Self-sustaining geothermal power?

    It technically isn't possible and nowhere profitable enough as machines are set up to consume around the same amount of energy to produce lava than it produces in a geothermal generator. Maybe if you could find a loophole in a mod or a glitch you could be successful, but well, that's kinda cheating.
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    Doing some research in the newest IC2_Exp build[138]

    jeez, the amount of childish posts here is terrible. IC2 is an industrial mod it always had in mind to do more complicated stuff and a tad more realistic than other mods. Yes, EU is supposed to be harder to use than MJ, but that's actually the point. Difficulty. People don't make the difference...
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    I have confidence that mod packs won't have to be paid for. That would be a retarded decision, I'd just go make my own if that was the case. And I believe that would go against Mojang ToS. Making money with solely distributing mods would make Mojang legally mad. So no worries I'd say it's...
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    FAQ and EAQ (Gameplay only!) --Worst Necro on the FTB forum, thanks for the notification spam guys!!

    You can leave a mystcraft age even if stucked inside. Open the game to LAN and activate Cheats while doing this. Then type /tpx *playername* 0 That will place you back at the Overworld's spawn, without needing to remove the world, or without external editing Of course, it's technically...
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    EE3 Fully Release Any Time Soon?

    The amount of machines and redpower control that RedPower2 brought it made FTB Insanity possible in a first place. It was heavily based on it. Without it, things are less easy
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    Generic Red Power Thread Title

    Generic Eloraam love post Generic still have faith in RP2 post
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    So rumors are GregT is now an IC2 dev

    Do not ignite this war again. In my point of view, both were faulty, period.
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    So rumors are GregT is now an IC2 dev

    Isn't that what everyone wants ? The FTB community is probably no better than most other communities, we're all humans on the internet. There is always a climate of hostility, and even if we want it gone, it is impossible, especially when we see that even the most "respectable" users in these...
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    In your next Direwolf20 build, will you bother with IC2?

    IC2 has the best power distribution system IMO
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    So rumors are GregT is now an IC2 dev

    He's not gonna turn IC2 into Greg tech. Because greg tech is already there. it's like sengir being developer of BC. He did not turn BC into forestry
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    Suggestion: Add ComputerCraft to Unhinged

    he doesn't decide directly what's in the pack, the FTB team does. But the content of the pack is largely influenced by Greg
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    What Do You Guys Think About Cheating?

    same goes for me. I feel like if I cheat a little I might aswell cheat everything in. It doesn't "seem" legit, it breaks my motivation
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    What is the fastest way to get rid of a mountain.

    filler + full energy cell = mountain dead quite fast
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    Why isn't Factorization compared to TE or IC2?

    This could make for interesting and original designs Who needs them when you have backpacks
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    Nether too hostile now?

    potion requires to go to the nether in a first part...