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    Mod Release: CCLights2

    I'm going to release CCLights2 v0.4.1 beta in a few hours. It includes the new PNG import and export system and text drawing.
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    Mod Release: CCLights2

    The Big Monitors already allow this, they can provide a resolution from 32x32 to 512x288
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    Mod Release: CCLights2

    Hello, everyone, I'm ds84182, the developer of CCLights2, a Minecraft mod that adds a GPU as an addon for the ComputerCraft mod. CCLights2 allows you to show graphics to various displays, currently I only have 3 displays, a Monitor (uses a Gui), a Big Monitor (doesn't use a Gui), and the tablet...
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    What mods could be used to replace redpower 2 (not talking about its place in FTB)

    I have a mod that is currently in development that lets you program your own sorting systems with the Lua Scripting language. I still have a few bugs to fix but it could completely replace Redpower2 in terms of sorting.