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    [CHALLENGE] (v4.3-ish 6/7/18) Refugee to Regent Kingdom Building Challenge

    Look forward to seeing all the phases fleshed out.
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    Trying out Shaders

    Any chance you can give a quick step by step on what all is needed and how you got these working? Everytime I have tried I fail. I'm using a decent computer I5 3750K, 16g Ram, 5850, etc.
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    FTB Mindcrack Pack Ore Heights

    I've gotten sapphire just now at 50, along with iron. I have not tweaked anything. This is default Mindcrack FTB.
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    FTB++|1.4.5|Current MagicWorld Pack + Many More Mods!

    I was wondering if you guys would be interested in sharing your server setup, meaning the directory and configs, etc. I have a little server myself and 3 friends play on and have been having issues getting everything working together. If not, I understand, just thought I'd ask. Thanks. Lewtz