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    Very strange issue...

    OK first off the other person that plays on my server is having ZERO issues. I was playing on my server earlier today and everything was running fine. I got off the server for dinner and then went back on the server afterwards Now my frame rate is at like 4 to 8 fps and when I join the server...
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    FTB Monster Health issues

    So all of a sudden I am losing health faster than normal and I cannot heal unless I eat every heart that is healed. Any ideas why this is happening ? Wasn't like this before. And no I dont have anything on me or around me that would cause this. Happening no matter where I am.
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    FTB Monster + Cauldron

    Has anyone had FTB Monster working with Cauldron ? I cannot seem to find a version that works with FTB. All the ones I have found for 1.6.4 just make the server crash on launch. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Land Protection

    Any sort of Land Protection in FTB Monster? I would love to have it so no one can access my stuff. If there is none is there a way to add it?
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    FTB Monster 1.1.2

    Since 1.1.1 is recomended, when is the release of 1.1.2 ?
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    Preferred Java Version..

    I just wanted to find out what Java version everyone uses for the FTB packs (especially Monster). Also how much memory do you give to Java via the slider in the Launcher. I am using Java 8 (11 not 20) with 6gbs gievn to Java. (Java is 64bit). I have tried 7 and 8 but still dont get very good...
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    Quarry guide...

    Any good guides out there on how to setup a quarry to filter all the blocks it gets into sepreate chests? Im pretty new to all this and figured I would start with getting a Quarry up and running.
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    The Launcher..

    Any way to make the Launcher close when the game launches ? I can't seem to find a n option any where to do it.
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    Blood in my Smeltry?

    FTB Monster I have mb:360 Blood in my Smeltry, whats it for and how did it get there? Also how do I get it out?
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    Well hi there....

    I ama 43 year old Male with 2 kids (4 and 7) who both play Minecraft as well. I purchased Minecraft back in Nov 2010 (Alpha) and still learn new things every day. Currently running a FTB Monster server for myself and a few friends. Was playing Hexxit proior to this.
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    Mod that changes a players name color?

    I am looking for a mod that allows me to change players name colors on my FTB Monster server. Anyone know of a mod that will allow me to do this? Thanks
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    Little guys with crates and backpacks on their backs?

    Monster FTB What are these little guys that roam around the forest? Usually in packs of 3 I do not see any info anywhere on them? What mod are they from?
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    Why are items missing from certain mods ?

    MONSTER FTB I have noticed that there are a few items missing from some mods in Monster FTB... Like the Ender Letter and Spectre Key from the Random Things Mod, and the Dyeing Machine from the same mod. I have found other items from other mods not showing up as well in NEI. Any ideas.
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    Tinkers Construct and all these ores...

    Is there a list of ores that cannot be used with Tinkers ? I put some ore in to the smeltry a few days ago and could not make blocks or bars out of it (I had to break the tank to get be able to get the ore to be removed from it. I dont want to waste any more ore. Thanks
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    Obsidian being mined as basalt?

    I made a simple obsidian generator and when I mine the Obsidian I am getting Basalt instead ? Any ideas? FTB Monster 1.1.1 And its Basalt Bricks not just reg Basalt that I am getting.
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    FTB Moster and the Diamon Drill

    So the Diamond Drill cannot be crafted in the 1.1.1 version of FTB Monster in Multiplayer. Is there a fix for this ? is it fixed in 1.1.2 ? Was very disapointed after getting all the mats together to craft it and finding out its bugged :(
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    How many pages of items should NEI be showing?

    I think I see about 57 to 58 pages worth of items, but a friend of mine says he sees 400+ pages. This cannot be right. This is FTB Monster by the way. Anyone?