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    Update FTB to 1.5

    Try multimc if you really just want something that will launch the game for you. It should have no problem getting minecraft 1.5 for you. Why would you even use the FTB launcher if you had no intention of using mods...
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    Future of Mods With 1.5

    Aside from adding blocks that take into account the redstone signal strength did they really change much to redstone for it to be an issue for Redpower? I know they say it is the "Redstone Update" but it doesn't look like they really changed the core mechanics of it. I might just be optimistic...
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    Gregtech Quarry

    Titanium is smelted only in the industrial blast furnace. Not the railcraft blast furnace.
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    Mods decided to make it impossible to make solar power!!!! It is a change by the advanced solar panels mod itself (Check the recipes). Not Gregtech. Get your facts straight before you go playing the blame game.
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    Walling off lava lakes

    You do realize that Greg already added an advanced pump that uses mining pipe to drain a 128x128 area without causing block updates so the flowing block lag is taken out of the picture? You are asking Greg to add something he already added... It also can pump up an oil geyser that is surrounded...
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    Mystcraft updated just a little bit ago: It is mostly bug fixes, but it has one new feature of note: "Adds the Oil symbol if another mod provides such a liquid (in block form)" So I instantly started it up on a test world to try it. I had to...
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    Mystcraft woes..

    No. Not at the moment anyway. He hasn't added all the ways for us to obtain ages, and at the moment villagers are the only reliable way to obtain them. You can find ancient libraries around the spawn in some ages which might have a page or 2 in them and the same with villages that have mystcraft...
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    Mystcraft oil page?? :)

    No mod liquids are in Mystcraft at the moment, but he plans to add mod liquids to the page list eventually. So we should see it in the future. Currently there is only water and lava.
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    Void Capsules

    Gregtech hasn't actually added anything to the thaumonomicon that I know of though. Thaumic bees adds a Thaumic Scoop, Thaumic Grafter, and several frames and other things to the Thaumonomicon. The void capsule shows up in the creative tab for apiculture so Thaumic Bees is my assumption.
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    Void Capsules

    Thaumcraft or something that alters it adds it. Possibly Thaumic Bees
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    Lava help

    Infinite lava from cobblestone, yes. Netherrak still only takes 12k MJ to turn into lava, while the magmatic engines generate 18k MJ from 1 bucket. 6k MJ gain. He wants to take that net gained energy and turn it into UU-Matter to make more lava by converting the power through a MFFS extractor...
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    What if there was only 1 Mod?

    RP2. Frames, micro-blocks, volcanoes, project tables, tubes, sorting systems. Yea, RP2. Thaumcraft does come close though, golems man, golems. Probably helps that they are one of the few mods I use that aren't dependent on mod interactions for me to get the most benefit of the mod.
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    Automation Steam Turbine

    The fact that the entire usage of the power system is monopolized by a single mod developer probably helps. There is no way for an exploit to exist except within that one mod.
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    Trick to getting stable ages?

    Dark Sun, Dark Stars, Dark Moon are all a version of the normal counterpart that just adds an invisible version of that to the generation. If you don't want a moon to appear you can make it a Dark Moon so it will never be seen but not add instability. Dark Sun, I believe, will actually generate...
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    Trick to getting stable ages?

    You have to place gradient modifiers after the clear modifiers symbol for them to work properly. You did not include a moon symbol, which is a case for instability, and also no light modifier (standard, bright, dark).
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    Automation Steam Turbine

    A boiler can produce EU from a steam turbine. UU-matter is a poor concept for infinite generation, even without gregtech and full scrap usage you need 166,666 EU for 1 UU. You are claiming that production of some item from UU-matter is worth more power than is put in, because that is the issue...
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    The next Xycraft update looks amazing!

    Assuming access to EE3 you could just use the minium stone. 6 cobble = 1 basalt cobble. Just have to kill enough enemies for the shards. Faster than the basalt generator and who doesn't have a cobblestone surplus?
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    eu power ultimate pack.

    You could just start with a few geothermals and bring lava up from the bottom of the overworld as needed, using a liquid transposer you can get the lava out of cells and pump it into the geothermals without using the cell up like you would if you placed it in the geothermal directly. You don't...
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    Boiler fuel question.

    An update to extrabiomes changed that a few weeks ago.
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    Pulling from a cargo manager :\

    You need to attach a cargo distributor to the cargo manager and pull from that. It allows you to control what side of the distributor is control what function of the manager. Such as you can have the blue side of the distributor attach to the top left inventory on the manager which lets you pull...