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    Whitelist Server Feed the Creatures Ultimate Edition-WHITELISTED

    In two years I will be a creepy old dude :(
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    Whitelist Server Ultimate | Whitelist | Small Community | Mature | 20 slot

    Where is the server located? Do you have a website / forum?
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    How'd you like to see mods change for 1.6?

    I don't get all the bitterness in this thread. They just released a tease of what is to come in 1.6, none of you know what they have in store regarding performance. Personally I love the horse addition. It also opens up for some interesting modding, like mechanical horses etc. Also, remember...
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    Solved Ultimate v.1.0.2 crash, related to endertank?

    Server crashes about once per hour with this error message: Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: codechicken.core.packet.PacketCustom.sendToPlayer(Liq;)V at...
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    Redpower on Dev?

    I would assume dev-tag in that spreadsheet means there is a public dev build available, wich there is not. If not, all mods should be tagged as dev, unless nobody is developing them anymore.
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    Windows .exe Optifine. Missing 3rd Person Item in hand

    Yeah I have the same issue. And microblocks are flickering like mad when trying to place them.
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    Yogscast on FTB

    I reported his post because it was filled with his usual bias towards forgecraft and ftb. Many readers here now know greenwolf as "that guy who allways try to stirr up more drama". Just look at the ftb 2.0 thread, that was some funny shit. Also, it's kinda funny that you made that point about...
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    Hello FTB. Technic Player Here!

    Was thinking the same thing. Also, is BTW a modpack?
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    Yogscast on FTB

    They propably never would if it wasn't for the high pressure after FTB got released.
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    Hello FTB. Technic Player Here!

    haha ok. welcome, I guess
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    Yogscast on FTB

    so looking at that video, there's no twilight forest, and I didn't see any XY ores around in that new chunk he went to.
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    I think Eloorams behaviour regarding transformators is arrogant

    Come on, BT is the cheapest energy to produce. The hy would anyone bother with transforming
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    Yogscast on FTB

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    Yogscast on FTB

    Nothing wrong in discussing it. I've actually learned some things in this thread.
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    Yogscast on FTB

    can you quickly explain what a Goon is? Never heard the word before
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    Yogscast on FTB

    I can swear I feel a tumor growing when I read a couple of pages. But damn, so funny at the same time. Never get tired of seing cheapshot go mad about slowpoke
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    Yogscast on FTB

    I remember seing he state that he won't bother with trying to get RC out of tekkit 1.25, as there is nothing he really can do to stop it. Doesn't exactly mean they have permissions :confused:
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    Tycoon Games

    Love tycoons. Nothing really beats the good old Transport Tycoon. The new game "Prison architect" is alot of fun. It's currently in beta. GenericB is doing a let's play of it.
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    Where do I get and use the latest IC2 EnergyNet to fix those API Errors??

    still getting the spam with dw20 pack 5.1.1. Wasn't it supposed to be fixed?