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    Windows .exe Direwolf20 1.6.4 won't launch

    Operating System, bit type: Windows 8.1 64 Bit Java version/update, bit type: Java 7 Update 45 (64 Bit) Launcher version: v1.3.2 Completed the troubleshooting guide (y/n): y Console log, link: FTBLauncherLog: MinecraftLog:
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    Windows .exe Direwolf20 1.6.4 won't launch

    Whenever I try and launch the pack the launcher just freezes and crashes. Here is the log from FTBLauncherLog: and the MinecraftLog :
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    Thermal Expansion Status

    Is the 1.6.x update going well Lemming?
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    What mods could be used to replace redpower 2 (not talking about its place in FTB)

    Or just use either redlogic, numirp or project red...
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    TickThreading - concurrent entity/tile entity ticks and other optimisations

    I got a internal server error for me :/
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    Mac Optifine and Texture Pack

    Your game ran out if memory. I suggest in the launcher options adding more ram. See if that works. Also make sure you are using the right Optifine for you.
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    Aether II FTB Unleashed, Compatibility Configs!

    Hey everyone, Me and my friend wanted to add the aether to our server. I searched around for some sort of configs. To no avail... So I decided to attempt and make my own. After 2 hours of sifting through block ids I have a config file that works. To install: Download the configs Unzip them...
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    FTB Unleashed SSP with friends?

    Hello! Me and my friend have decided to create a world with the same seed and show funny/progressive moments on imgur. Seed: FTBwithFriends Goggles998: Leggatron:
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    What's the best way to start with Ars Magica?

    I really have no idea where to begin.
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    New Ti-Con templates? [Unleashed/Unhinged]

    Thank you very much :)
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    New Ti-Con templates? [Unleashed/Unhinged]

    How do you make the new templates? They don't work like before. Please help!
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    Biomes O Plenty Seed Thread

    Oh sorry, when I used it it was just a ebxl thread. Oops
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    How to set waypoints in FTB unleashed?

    Ok so here are the keybindings: - New Waypoint = Minimap Menu ] Toggle big/small map
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    Biomes O Plenty Seed Thread

    I noticed there was a EBXL seed thread and no BOP seed thread. So here is the place where you can post your BOP seeds. Set it out like this: Seed: Description: Notable co-ords (if any): Video (if you have one) Screenshots: -Goggles
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    Redpower Replacements

    Have found a annoying bug though. When you stand on the frames while moving you fall through :( I have reported it to the mod author.
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    What mods could be used to replace redpower 2 (not talking about its place in FTB)

    It works slightly differently to redpower where by the side you give the redstone signal depends o what direction it moves.
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    What mods could be used to replace redpower 2 (not talking about its place in FTB)

    Frames have a replacement! Looks awesome I will post screenshots in a couple mins
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    Redpower Replacements

    Good news everyone. Redpower frames have beeen replaced! Still in beta though
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    What are the pros and cons of having these mods?

    Keep steves carts but remove everything else it just causes un needed lag
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    [1.5.2] [Public Mod Pack] ShneekeyCraft: Less Is More!

    In regards to the pack I noticed a item ID conflict between Ars Magica and Thermal Expansion. recipes which use vinteum dust would use crescent hammers instead. Weirdly this breaks existing worlds :(