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    Quick question about proxies.

    Most likely the works firewall stopping traffic on the outgoing port (default port is 25565 IIRC ). The authentication traffic is using a different protocol and therefore I would guess one of the usual web ports (80 or 443) which is going through the proxy.
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    Infinity ore distribution

    One of the nice parts of Infinity is that NEI will tell you the ore distribution levels, just look up the ore, and scroll through. There is an entry showing the ore's spawn levels, as well as the optimum level to mine
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    Bug Very frustrated with FTB: Resurrection

    You can nest the filters, so filters of items within filters, to increase the filtering.
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    [Q] Universal Electricity: Crusher, saplings and energy.

    Have you tried the other items available to make biomass, IIRC wheat produces 4 biomass from one wheat. This would give you a net gain.
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    Mekanism: Feature Request Thread

    I could, if I had Thaumcraft actually installed...
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    Mekanism: Feature Request Thread

    Please let it support just " * " as a filter ;) Also, is the radius actually going to be circular, or will it count a diagonal as a single block? I'm just envisioning using it to punch bore holes into the ground (a choice between round and circular holes would be fantastic).
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    Mekanism: Feature Request Thread

    While loving the idea of a Mek Miner, thinking in a 'non BC world' mindset, the quarry has its uses for the early game as a mass resource generator for not just the valuable ores. Going the IC2 miner style has its perks for those not wanting to destroy the landscape, but there are times, I want...
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    Looking for FTB Partner

    You all seem to have the same thoughts as myself, wanting to play a proper SMP where people actually work together on builds :) I prefer TS to Skype, but don't mind either (playing a home brew 1.6.4 pack atm)
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    MFR Harvesters losing seeds?

    The other concern, if the screenshot is an exact replica, is light levels. If in sufficient light levels, the seeds will be planted, then pop off, and another will be planted, only to pop off etc... Check the light levels are sufficient for all blocks on the planting platform.
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    [Solved] Buildcraft: Flatten broken in Unleashed?

    Try 6 glass over 3 bricks.
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    Ridiculous amount of wisps

    I have also witnessed nodes merging with those from silverleaf trees in new chunks as they are generated, this could be the cause of the flux.
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    Make the Filler not despawn the item drops instantly?

    try changing the first option to true B:dropBrokenBlocks=true might make a difference
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    Melee turtles not working?

    put a sleep command in the program within the loop, minimum of sleep(0.1) a longer sleep will make the turtle attack less frequently, but cause less lag.
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    Mystcraft Help Please

    Previously, in order to get dungeons, you needed to also add caves as dungeons need to spawn off caves.
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    My quarry is OP, where do I shove all my stone?

    No room next to my sorting system unfortunately, as originally I was using diamond pipes on my quarry, but since upgrading to more quarries, setting up more diamond pipes became a PITA :)
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    [Fun][Help]Ways to Use plenty of MJs? Not EU! :P

    Better still is the Charging Station from Misc Peripherals, have those spare MJ's putting a huge amount of fuel into a turtle for later use :)
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    Adding new programs to computer craft folder

    If the turtles are labelled, then any programs they have are stored in the turtle, so breaking it and moving it will take the program with it (without admin assistance).
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    My quarry is OP, where do I shove all my stone?

    Tesseracts are your best friends here... Quarry ---> Tesseract 1(send) Tesseract 1(receive) ---> Diamond Pipe with void pipe for cobble etc ---> Tesseract 2(send) Tesseract 2(receive) --> Sorting system Happily clears the quarry/dirt/gravel/flint from my 4 quarrys running at max speed...
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    How am I supposed to get 192 berylium cells (for fusion coils)?

    Old school enderman farm in the end.... can still get you a lot of pearls
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    forestry tree farm+ wrath lamp = bug

    The problem as i remember it is almost purely in the sapling code, its hardcoded in vanilla MC to check for block id 0 above it to grow, rather than using the isair() function.