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    [1.7.10] Thermal Progression [Tech][Magic][Survival][Over 125 Quests]

    @Elit3WolfPack Any ETA on the update with the Railcraft fixes for the quest book?
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    1.0.0: Thaumcraft Exploration NEI/Creative Menu Issues

    There are already a couple reports on this. It's a known issue that is getting fixed in the new pack push, which should go out in roughly 12 hours according to twitter.
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    What a absolutely awful response from iChun. "Hey guys, I just made this cool mod! Oh it destroys PvP and people are raising privacy concerns? Oh well, I don't give two shits, have a nice day"
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Completely agree, this really isn't something that needs to be floating around without something server side to disable it if the server owner so chooses to.
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    Solved Block lag, but TPS at 20

    They won't appear in Opis, but here is a server side mod than can help. To use it, run the following commands, /pgobbler scan 10 and then /pgobbler purge 10. What this does is scan all itemducts that are stuffed with 10 or more stacks of items. It will give you the location and how many stacks...
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    Quarries stop working

    Do you have anything that is forcing chunks to unload? I ran into an issue like this on my Monster server. Since the Buildcraft Quarry chunkloads itself, the issue I has was using admins using a command from the ClearLag plugin to force unload unused chunks. Except running this command seems to...
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    Solved Block lag, but TPS at 20

    If Opis is showing 250ms, you are getting HUGE TPS loss. Anything above 50ms will be a tps loss. When you look at Opis, what is the source of your large ms time? Check tile entities specifically and then check the handlers tab and check your GridTickHandler time.
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    Server host recommendation & Setup

    Just a heads up, SYS has changed their pricing around a bit. They now offer cheaper (Non-SSD) dedicated servers if price is still an issue for you.
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    TickThreading - concurrent entity/tile entity ticks and other optimisations This is what you want for stuff pipes and trying to find them.
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    TickThreading - concurrent entity/tile entity ticks and other optimisations

    This is with 1.4.7 TT. Should I be concerned at the CPU usage here?
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    TickThreading - concurrent entity/tile entity ticks and other optimisations

    1.7 is gonna be a while still. There is probably still tons of demand for a 1.6.4 TT. Would be awesome if you're going to pick up the project again!
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    Forge and MCPC+

    The easiest way is to boot your server up and look at the server.log file once it's done booting. ALL the forge based permission nodes appear in the server.log file towards the end of the bootup process. Be careful with the COFH node though, since there is only one permission node it will give...
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    Forge based server

    So I'm putting some effort into getting a medium sized Forge based public server up and running soon and I wanted to ping the community for a little info. I'm trying to put together a list of Forge based Plugins(mods) that will take the place of the Bukkit Plugins we're all used to through...
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    Unsupported Monster 1.6.4 Bug Reports

    wow... your JVM flags are a huge mess. You have multiple instances of the same flag. I would suggest cleaning those up before you test anything else.
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    Problem Multicraft Admin Password Reset

    I actually just figured it out. Logged into phpmyadmin, then the multicraft_panel database and them the user form. Edited the admin like and changed the function type to ENCRYPT and put my new password in. This let me back into multicraft again.
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    Problem Multicraft Admin Password Reset

    All, Ran into an issue this morning, for some reason I'm not able to log in through my admin account on multicraft. This is hosted on a dedicated server, so I'm not going through a Minecraft Hosting company. I've tried using phpmyadmin to edit the multicraft_panel db in the user form, but not...
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    MCPC+ Nowhere?

    Goto the below link and scroll through the change log until you find a change note mentioning the build of forge your ultimate pack uses. MCPC 1.4.6 through 1.5.2 is all in the legacy section.
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    Ways to fix ticking tile entity crashes?

    Download the affected region then create a single player world with the modpack the region is from. Drop the region into the region folder of the new single player world you made. Load up MCEdit and select load level and then navigate to the level.dat from your new single player world. Click the...
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    Monster 1.1.0 and Horizons 2.1.0

    Most likely using a MCPC plugin called World Border
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    Monster Server Admins

    Sorry, I should of been specific on this one. So are far as a dedicated server, there would be a worthwhile performance improvement using an SSD over a traditional hard drive.