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    Twitch enters agreement to purchase Curse.

    Nope. Modpacks just for prime members :P
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    Good vs. Evil

    78 Uhm, no idea for a reason, so this is the reason :D
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    Permissions Site

    We need the modid, too
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    The dot game

    Yeah... That'll be funny. I guess...
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    The dot game

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    I lost all my stuff whenever I reconnect to my friend server

    Did you buy Minecraft for an other launcher?
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    I lost all my stuff whenever I reconnect to my friend server

    I don't like that, too, but do we have such a rule?
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    FTB doesn't work on a Mac

    We would have to know, too: 1. Which modpacks have you tried 2. What have you slready tried to solve the problem 3. A log link 4. Which launcher do you use
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    The dot game

    (Yes, it will xD) ...
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    The dot game

    Everyone just writes a dot more than the person before. I begin: .
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    My minecraft dont launch on Curse

    Do you have write access to Curse's MC path?
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    Can't join Hamachi Server

    So friends with cracked were able to join, too?
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    Can't join Hamachi Server

    Some mods can have problems with not paid accounts.
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    Tools for Pack Creators

    I made a mod that makes it possible to have a modpack wide chat. Just change the channel to something unique in the config and you're ready. Link:
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    Huge cpu and either net spikes in main menu and in game.

    Can you give us the log? And yes: The log can give more information about that.
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    Members: They make FTB staff lose count

    1 To make it a bit easier for the FTB Staff I count FTB Wiki translators to Staff for this thread ^^