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    Open '/home' Bugs and Desync

    Summary of the problem Refined Storage DeSync Pack Version 1.0.0 What is the bug? Server and Singleplayer: After changing dimensions to the End (but not the Nether) and then coming back to the overworld using the '/home' command, there is a desync with Refined Storage that does not render...
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    Closed Calculator wrench/sickle uncraftable due to recipe conflict with silent gems.

    As of this post, on Version 1.2.0, this has not been fixed.
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    [1.7.10][205 Quests][Listed] BeeHappy - A quest based map about Bees

    Hey so IDK what is going on but when I create a world from the FTB launcher listed mod pack, I spawn in the sky and fall to a bed of sand and immediately die and my grave stone updates the sand and it all falls into the void. Anyone know what to do or what I'm doing wrong?
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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    Hey So a warning to everyone DON'T USE THE ENDER QUARRY. I just found out the it dismantled my entire Spacial IO drive room so I essentially destroyed the map. If anyone knows a way I could fix this I would love to know but Besides that I repeat, DON'T USE THE ENDER QUARRY. YOU WILL BREAK THE...