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    Mod Feedback [1.12][1.11.2][1.10.2][1.8.9][1.7.10] Dynamic Surroundings Info/Support

    thanks for the info. Just confirming my assumptions. The desert biome stuff I don't see at all, even while completely inside the Mesa biome. I assume that is because the mod is not installed on the server, too?
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    Mod Feedback [1.12][1.11.2][1.10.2][1.8.9][1.7.10] Dynamic Surroundings Info/Support

    When in MP, does the mod need to be on the server to see variations in rain and the sand fog/particles? I only have this clientside right now and I haven't done thorough test yet, but so far the rain always seems like the same intensity and I have never seen sand fog & particles in the nearby...
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    [1.7.10] AgriCraft

    Woot! That was it! I needed to stat up those crops, then the shears worked. Thanks for your help @Azzanine and @Rodger
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    [1.7.10] AgriCraft

    I tried that, with mixed results. The vanilla plants I tried (blue orchid, dandelion, and daisy) both were cut back to 28% but dropped nothing. A Witchery "belladonna" dropped its flower, but the flower can't be planted. I had never tried it before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm using...
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    [1.7.10] AgriCraft

    Is there a way to "revert" an agriCraft mutated plant, so that it behaves like the "vanilla" version? For example, cross-breed blue orchid and poppy to make an allium, then plant the allium in soil, just like the vanilla MC version of the plant. Thanks!
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Although it is certainly doable with a little creativity, I never suggested that you siphon oxygen off your primary power system. My point was that oxygen is free. Just to be certain, I did a quick little test and generated several thousand units of oxygen in a tidy self-sustaining system. Yup...
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    When calculating the cost of oxygen, consider that, even though the "hydrogen cycle" no longer produces free energy, it does produce free oxygen. Feel free to loop the power right back into the Separator and generate all the oxygen you need. You may need more machines in order to provide an...
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Instead of looking at consumption rates, look at energy inputs and outputs. As an example, a basic Energy Cube holds 2000kJ. Put 2000kJ and some water into an Electrolytic Separator and you will generate 1000 units of hydrogen (default settings). Put 1000 units of hydrogen gas, a little bit of...
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    The energy consumed by the Electrolytic Separator is tied to the energy density of the hydrogen output, which is set by the "D:HydrogenEnergyDensity" config. The oxygen is "free". But before changing that, consider how it will balance against the energy density of ethylene and the energy...
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    TE3 fluid duct bug

    I lost 100s of buckets of oil and fuel, had dynamos stick "on" and all kinds of odd behaviors until I replaced all my TE ducts with EnderIO conduits. Since then, my power plant has gotten very boring -- everything just works. My advice is to NOT use TE except short runs, never across chunk...
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    Mekanism 6.1 Update Picture-through (and the changelog)

    Don't forget about the Glow Panels, Seismic Vibrator, and Seismic Reader :) (also with recipe issues, for now)
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    Favourite FTB Youtuber/s Reloaded

    Vaygrim is new to the YouTube scene, but he does some quality stuff.
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    UE Cable's dominate server tickrate

    This is the kind of thing that needs to go in a bug report. That is how things get fixed.
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    Problems with Underground Biomes

    In our quarry age, we haven't dug around too much yet but we have 6 or 8 rocky bees. I have not seen any other species.
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    Mekanism: Feature Request Thread

    No drama, but Mekanism is heading a little different direction than Calclavia's UE mods. The websites are currently under construction. For the time being, ALL UE builds and Mekanism can be found here:
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    Which Biomes O Plenty biomes should I enable?

    I disable OrigenValley, CherryBlossomGrove, Garden, and all the snowy biomes except one. If I wanted Vanilla landscape, I'd play Vanilla, Cherry is far too... pink, Garden is just silly and looks out of place, and Snow-covered biomes are a waste of space, IMO.
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    mekanism ore processing plant

    Park an electrolytic separator next to the Purification chamber and pipe O2 into it, instead of flint. Saves a lot of hassles, processing all that flint... ;) Or if you really want to use flint and you have ComputerCraft, you can use lava, flowing water, and turtle to dutifully pick at the...
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    mekanism ore processing plant

    Although the "bonus ores" that TE can generate are nice, if you used the four Mekanism processing machines, you'd get triple your input an all your ores all the time. The Purification Chamber is kinda pricey, but triple your ores is well worth it.
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    How can I add more blocks that can be cut by Forge Multiblock, without knowing code.

    Check out the instructions in the microblocks.cfg file. It is pretty self-explanatory. You will probably want to use something like NEI which can show you the IDs of items in-game. Here's a chunk of mine. It won't apply to you since our IDs will be different, but you get the idea. Also, this...
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    MPS Support Thread

    Regarding the new custom recipes feature -- does anyone have a sample or know how to get MPS to generate a default set? I've tried starting up build 44 in a clean environment, but I just get the standard two config files. No separate JSON file and clues in the standard configs.