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    Why Were Thaumcraft Warded Blocks Removed?

    and because they were horribly overpowered and a griefer's dream?
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    Block that hosts all villager trades...

    do you mean the trade station from the extra utils mod?
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    Help - Plates on Machines?

    why wouldn't he? he even lets you get your cells back.
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    GregTech Advanced Pump

    though it is extremely fast, and can use EU, plus has a longer range.
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    AE Processing Question

    you could just send the zinc dust through the furnaces too. it's not really hurting anything. you could also use an automatic macerator, and not get any zinc out of it.
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    Manganese can be used to make magnalium, which can be used for cheaper windmills and turbine rotors. tungsten and tungstensteel can be used for the most advanced tools, tier 3 machine casings, turbine rotors, grinder heads, and some of the new multiblock generators.
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    Greg's done it again.

    Another new feature is that you can disable ALL of greg's recipe nerfs (including bronze and tin buckets) with a single config change, if you want.
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    Do GT reactor fuels have a chance of leaving behind a near depleted uranium cell?

    This is an exploit, there is no argument. You are creating an infinite resource loop, producing uranium and other stuff out of only uranium, forever, with no input. Especially since uranium is meant to be non-renewable.
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    The most underused starting strategies?

    IC2 development builds are essentially the same as their releases. they just never make anything official.
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    IC2 steps up thier game with the Ejector Upgrade

    If you don't like GT, then there isn't much point in using IC2 anyway.
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    Ways to Get Iridium (w/ GT) - And Now Also Talk About A World With No End Portal

    If you add mods that alter world generation after generating the world the first time, then ender eyes will no longer point to the correct location. the best you can do is either create a mystcraft world with strongholds, or just spawn in an ender portal.
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    RedPower for FTB 1.5

    The gregtech automation has also become very powerful in the most recent versions.
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    Advanced pump`s sucking statics

    yes, you can.
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    Collected Guides Thread

    I just though I would mention that since the owner of the previous Gregtech wiki disappeared, I have started a new wiki here. It is still very incomplete, but it should have more up-to-date information.
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    I believe greg has plans for osmium later. for now, you can compress 9 ingots of it into a super-explosion-resistant block. And osmium armor would be a terrible idea, considering that it is even heavier than depleted uranium; it is one of the heaviest materials know to man, and also one of the...
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    Gregory Tech's Lightning Rod O_o

    if you want to keep the aesthetic, try making the top layer of your roof out of microblocks. that should keep them from igniting. Alternatively, setup a automated rainmaker with dissipation charges to stop it whenever it rains
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    FTB Earth

    a 1:1 Scale would probably be impossible, if only because there is no map that has enough resolution for that, and it would have an extremely large filesize.
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    new gregtech fussion reacktor

    Direwolf's setup is extremely inefficient. You should check out CRCS reactors on the IC2 nuclear engineering forum
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    FTB Mod Discussion: Greg-Tech

    Xeonen, you are engaged in circular logic. your supposed counterarguments are based on the assumption that what we are arguing against is true. We have shown several times that if you actually played gregtech, you would know that it is not grindy in the slightest. I don't understand how you...
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    FTB Mod Discussion: Greg-Tech

    I have read your post quite thouroughly, and yet you have not addressed either the availability of overclockers or the use of automation and parallelism. Perhaps you could point those out to me? And in response to loufmier, I suggest you try out greg's own automation system. It is arguably the...