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    MagicFarm2 1.6.4

    MixPack from Jadecat herself
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    Turtle Branch Mine Script?

    OreQuarry. Mines every third layer, active scans surroundings for ores, leaves only 1x1 hole.
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    Block Placer

    TiC Drawbridges.
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    Boiler trouble

    Are you sure it's BC producer, not consumer?
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    Redstone Energy Cells (Mindcrack 8.3.2)

    30MJ/t - 5% Conduit loss = 28,5 MJ/t
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    Methane Production

    Add animal farm. Meat is not bad source of methane. Animals also produce sewage that can be turned into MFR fertilizer.
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    QuickTip: Automating your Bio Reactor efficiently

    Can I use RP2 Managers instead?
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    Nuclear Reactor problem

    No redstone signal? MFSU is full? Massfab immediatly eats every bit of energy? Greg did some "balancing"?
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    Don't Want to Use Stairs

    ...Aerial Faith Plates...
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    Steam turbine?

    1. Craft 12 Steam Turbine Chasing; 2. Craft 2 height 2 width 3 length multiblock; 3. Insert Turbine Rotor; 3. Connect to steam source (direct-to-boiler or via liquiducts).
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    [ExtraBees] Making Bees Tolerable to Normal Temp

    Temp. Tol. Table - Find a drone with Both 2, down 2, etc. extract proper serum and inoculate.
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    Bee Purifying Help Needed

    @ShameWillFollow: It's not about rocky bees itself, it's about extracting most valuable traits from them for your super-bee.
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    Most efficient way of turning lava into useful energy?

    Lava/EU => Geo. Generator (20EU/t) or (better) GregTech Thermal generator (24EU/t) Lava/MJ => Magmatic engine (4MJ/t, 18.000 MJ/bucket, 90% eff) or (worse) Railcraft Boiler (since lava was nerfed).
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    Redstone timer causing lagspike

    Place glowstone/Jack-O-Latern/Lam under timer, because light updates is that what creates lag.
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    Aquaeous Accumulator and Combustion Engines

    Just do: . . .E W AQ W (engine doesn't need to be on top of AQ, but two water blocks have to be on sides of AQ) E - engine W - water source block AQ - Aqueous accumulator In this pattern AQ generate 1000mB of water per second and transfers it directly to engine.
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    need some suggestions to kill my chickens.

    You can also suffocate them using some sticky pistons, red alloy wire and RP logic.
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    So gregtech basically makes recipes harder?

    They're config options, you can disable/enable them as you want.
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    Converting power

    MJ to EU is simple. Just put TE Magma Crucible next to IC Geothermal Generator (1:1 ratio) or GregTech Thermal Generator (2:3 ratio) [Not included in DW20 pack. Sorry].