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    Direwolf 1.6 Server issues

    Hello! I have recently gotten back into the game with FTB and bought some 2gb ram server hosting. I just installed Direwolf20 1.6. But it's constantly running at about 60% memory without anyone on the server. Are there any particularly large memory hogs in the mods I could possible thin out?
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    [1.6.x] Thaumcraft 4.0.5b Research Cheat Sheet - 1Mil Views!! - Topic above me is a doodoo head. HA!

    So, something I noticed. I was able to run out of Aer, but aqua and terra seem to regenerate. is there any ways to generate primal research?
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    Steam, to power engines or convert?

    what is the best use of steam? should i be using industrial engines? or would using steam consumers to convert it to MJ be best?
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    AE - Level emitters, ME Interface, ARRGH!

    I have an issue using ME export busses as well. I cant seem to export redwood saplings into a fermenter, oak saplings work fine and I can manually put the redwood saplings in but it wont export them through the bus. ideas?
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    Repairing Thaumcraft wands

    Is this possible? I just got an uncrafting table setup and it doesnt seem to take wands at all
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    Applied Energistics and Boilers

    I just keep a spare cell fully charged in the case of catastrophic emergency.
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    BC power Switches

    Thanks! I used an RS switch and it works perfectly, shutting down the engines when power is full, back online when empty. Now I just need to get a kill switch for the whole operation in the case of a Steve's cart malfunction or another players interaction. Bring the system down gracefully.
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    BC power Switches

    I have a good setup with a tree kart bringing in enough wood to keep my boiler going now. But still, what would be a good way to keep my engines from shutting down? I have a gate on my energy cell and I am triggering redstone on can store power. The issue is when it gets full my engines just...
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    Applied Energistics and Boilers

    Charcoal. The reason why i'd like to get ride of a buffer is because then i could use level emitters to control my charcoal production. I guess I could use a chest and fill it with something the firebox wont except.
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    Applied Energistics and Boilers

    Is there anyway to get an export bus to export directly into a solid fuel firebox? At the moment I have it going into a chest with a RP timer outputing it into the boiler, but I'd rather have it go directly into the firebox so I can skip the RP buffer. I've tried putting export buses and...
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    adding microblocks to ultimate

    well Immibis Core is standard in ultimate, i just added microblocks to coremods
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    adding microblocks to ultimate

    I am having some issues adding this mod to my ultimate pack. I am using 52.4.4 for core and 52.1.2 for microblocks and it just crashes. I checked the config file to see if there some kind of block id issue or something and I didnt see any block ids at all in the config. Here is the pastebin of...
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    BC power Switches

    is there anyway to find out if a cell is full or not? another thing I could do with IC2 was if a batt box was full i could emit a signal to do stuff.
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    BC power Switches

    Hello all! I usually use IC2 as my main power source and with it's passive power generation methods things like an ME network that are a constant draw are not usually an issue. But I have decided to forsake IC2 this time and use BC power. Namely some Stirling engines and redstone conduits...
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    Weird Issue

    So, weird thing, whenever I log onto my server I am in creative mode. Not sure why. The server is set to normal difficulty and game mode is set to 0 as well. But I keep getting signed on in creative.
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    Mo creatures Woes

    ive just recently turned off all water mobs except squids, and put them to like 20
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    Mo creatures Woes

    So I added mo creatures to our ultimate server, and I am having issues getting most vanilla mobs to spawn, especially squid. Anyone using Mo creatures with ultimate having the same issues or maybe fixed them?
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    How long will you wait before just jumping to 1.5?

    I want one of the big three, BC, IC or RP
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    Minecraft 1.5 Update.

    chicken chunks, ender storage, rei's minimap, NEI, Bibliocraft, Iron Chests. That is what i have so far. Edit: Computer craft now! Gravity gun... basically anything on this list:
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    Which Mods Do YOU Add To Ultimate?

    I tried adding sword pedestals but it crashes when I interact with them. what did you do?