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    Any ways of storing MJ?

    In a way, you can use LAVA to store MJ energy. With a Crucible from TE you can use 20,000MJ to melt down 1 block of cobble into one bucket of lava. Store as much lava as you like in the giant iron tanks thanks to railcraft. The lava can then later be used to power a magmatic for the same...
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    Living in the Nether?

    Tekkit had a nether ore's mod. A quick search pulled up a few, so google should be your friend here. The thing that made Tekkit's fun was they were a bit 'unstable' and might blow up on you. =) Good in the nether is an adventure. Unfortntionally, any worldgen mod like that...
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    Anyone want to help sort InvTweaksTree.txt?

    Thanks a ton, I'll try this out tonight.
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    Try removing the enderchest mod via the launcher.
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    Railcraft Feed Stations - Wheat only?

    Yep, new railcraft version fixed this...I'm very much wanting 1.4.5 version with redpower and all the fixins. =)
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    Efficient EU Production?

    Look into thermal expansion Magma Crucible. Use netherrack to get lava for only 4k MJ of power, then use that lava to power Magmatic engines to keep the cycle going. There will be plenty of lava left over for thermal generators (20 EU a tick). So far this has been how my base gets all its...
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    Squeezer not accepting buildcraft power

    Thermal expansion energy pipes work just fine.
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    Anyone want to help sort InvTweaksTree.txt?

    I love the sorting abilities of the Inventory Tweaks Mod, but it lacks many of the item IDs that the mod pack adds. If anyone with the time feels like updating the InvTweaksTree.txt with the new items added by this modpack we all would be ever thankful. Or...if someone has a list of all...
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    Battery Redstone Signal

    Found the offical bug tracker for IC2 and looks like its been reported with suggestions on fixing for next build:
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    IC2 Sounds

    I double checked the IC2.cfg and sounds are ENABLED, but yet the machines and rocket packs do not produce any this intended? Does anyone else have this problem? (Note, the macerator stop sound seem to come from the advancedMachines.cfg which works just fine)
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    Battery Redstone Signal

    When using a Batbox and setting it to output a redstone signal on empty the redstone signal does not dynamicly update with the battery level. Only at the moment of place does the redstone seem to check if it needs to be on/off. Any idea how to get redstone to dynamicly update with current...