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    Open Server Infinity 1.7 Server, Need members, 24/7 no downtime.

    What is your age? 14 years Are you able to speak English? Yes Do you agree to follow the Feed the Beast server rules? Certainly What is your minecraft username? SirTheori Why do you want to join our FTB server? I like the modpack and want a somewhat small community to join. Is there anything you...
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    Whitelist Server OkamiCraft|DW20 modpack| 20 tps Stable... >18, last reset(11/13/2014)

    In-Game Name: SirTheori How old are you? 14 Where are you from (City, State or Country)? Sweden What are you looking for in this server? Somewhat stable server with nice community. How active are you? I am usually quite active during the evenings and nights. Do you agree to the rules (if so, how...