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    Adventure Map Ideas

    I started working on an adventure map a little while ago. Its less adventure and more a series of puzzles/challenges that get more difficult over time. Its in the ultimate pack (thank you immibis for duplicators). Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a challenge or anything else...
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    New Tekkit

    *disclaimer, this thread is meant to be a discussion about the new tekkit pack, lets not make this a flame war or talk about the actual people behind tekkit So the technic team released a new pack today. Its called tekkit which is probably the most confusing name they could think of. Anyways...
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    Things you are most excited about in 1.5

    I cant wait to have ars magica spells, vanilla hoppers, and LAN cables from computercraft. What is/are your favorite thing(s) from either 1.5 itself, an update to an existing mod, or an entirely new one?
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    Recommended Mods for 1.5

    So we are only about 6 mods or so from a 1.5.1(or 1.5.2) update. So while we wait for the updates my friends and I are planning out the mods we will add to our direwolf20 server. We are discussing Gregtech, hats, translocator, minechem, mo creatures and a couple others. But I was wondering if...
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    1.5.2 Oh joy!

    So mojang released a 1.5.2 prerelease today I hope this doesnt affect mods too badly (I assume it won't) but this might mean we have to wait a few more weeks.
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    Eloraam disappeared again

    Eloraam hasn't tweeted in 20 minutes. I think she is dead again
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    Immibis Microblocks LAN cables

    I know in the immibis microblocks config you can add blocks that you want to be ablt to use microblocks on in the config, so how would I go about doing that with CC LAN cables.
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    Modded MC becoming to stressful to play.

    When FTB (and more specifically the direwolf20 modpack) was released I was really excited. I was excited for a legal modpack that would be supported by the modders, updated automatically, and have a community that doesn't constantly create drama, and to not have to worry about my world breaking...
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    Apocalypse Bunker Idea

    So I thought of an awesome project to start working on, an apocalypse bunker, because you never know when your gonna accidentally create too much flux and start a some kind of nuclear apocalypse (that IS what happens right?) So I am preparing by building am emergency bunker that will both...
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    1.5 beta pack idea

    So I decided that I want to make a multi MC instance in 1.5 to test out some of the new stuff from steves carts, computercraft, forestry etc. But it made me think, couldn't the FTB team release a beta 1.5 "ultimate" pack, and just add mods as they update it would be good for lazy people and we...
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    Direwolf20 vs Mindcrack vs Ultimate vs Yogscraft

    So I realized that for new FTB players, all the different packs can be very confusing. Theres a ton of different options and tons of different mods that they are probably not familiar with. So I am going to make a video about the different modpacks available, which ones they should go with...
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    What exactly does gregtech change (besides recipes)

    So right not I'm trying to decide if I should install gregtech to my direwolf20 world. I understand that gregtech changes a lot of IC2 recipes, and I hope I dont get killed for saying this but some of them are overly ridiculous. However I would use it to make IC2 more exciting and fun so thats...
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    How to get rid of nausea effect

    The new compact solar hats are pretty nice but the HV one gives you 5 seconds on nausea every couple seconds. I cant find a config to disable it. Is there anything else I can try to get rid of it?
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    Direwolf20 vs Ultimate Modpacks thread

    I'm making this thread for two reasons. Primarily, i'm going to make a video to help people decide between arguably the best two modpacks and want to see what other people think. Also as sort of a FRIENDLY debate thread for the two. I went with direwolf20 for SSP and ultimate for SMP. I know the...
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    No Angry Zombies with Mo creatures

    So I installed mo creatures, and it seems to be working almost fine. Apart from the normal problems which I'm used to, I noticed no angry zombies were spawning. I flew around a test world at night for about an hour and couldn't find any thaumcraft zomies or any firebats in the nether. From...
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    Mapmaking question

    So a couple of my friends and I are making a puzzle/challenge based adventure map in the FTB ultimate pack. One of the challenges I have planned would require a 30 minute countdown timer. I'm not gonna make a full display for it (ill probably have lamps that shut off every 5 minutes but i'll...
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    How to get Mo creatures working

    So I installed mo creatures to the ultimate pack. It loads up and there are no ID conflicts. Everythings fine... except for the spawning. After the 1.4.5 update mo creatures spawning became very messed up (at least for me) no matter how it was configured hostile mobs spawned very weirdly...
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    Missing biomes in The Ultimate pack

    So I was looking at the configs for the ultimate pack and I noticed many of the EBXL biomes were turned off by default. Not sure if this is a bug but if not this makes me really mad. First of all the mindcrack and direwolf packs which they are encouraging people to switch them have all the...
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    Launcher not working

    My friend can't log into any of the packs. It just says "error occurred during downloading game" It worked perfectly until today, can anyone help?
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    Ultimate Pack

    I originally created this thread to ask if anyone heard any news about the ultimate pack. A couple hours later a beta version was released and this quickly became an ultimate pack opinion/debate thread (and then of course the lovely community turned it into a windows debate thread) To install...