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    Whitelist Server Shadoscraft - Infinity - Members needed - 1.0.2

    Minecraft username: Litch What you like most about minecraft: The modding community Your specialties: Magic Mods, Broad Knowledge of the game Activeness: 9/10 on the no-life scale Your REAL age: 18 The 11th Doctor's catchphrase: Not sure why this is needed. But i'm guessing geronimo.
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    Whitelist Server OTEGamers Network - TPPI 01.0.2 | Whitelist | MyTown | TS3 | IRC | Fast Whitelist!

    In-Game Name: tehstatus What are you looking for in the server? A nice server i can play on and contribute to How long have you been playing Minecraft? The spooky update What experience do you have with Modded MC? Played FTB for a long time, Know a large variety of mods Have you ever been banned...
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    Whitelist Server FTB - Test Pack Please Ignore - v.0.1.2 - "Muntumbo" - whitelist - survival - gregtech -

    Application Occupation College, Studying double ICT Age? 17 Voice Chat? Yes, Skype / Teamspeak Favorite Mod Applied Energistics 5. Previous awesome stuff you have done in vanilla or modded minecraft. Played a lot of feed the beast and minecraft in general, ran a few of my own server and dabbled...
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    Casual Server Lumicraft FTB|Custom Private Pack|Whitelisted

    Experience with modded Minecraft: Played feed the beast for ages, went on a break and now i'm back Know how to handle limiting chunkloaders? Yes, I've used every chunkloading mod under the sun and know how each of them works. Able to properly manually install things? Yes.
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    Whitelist Server HazardMC | Direwolf20 1.6.4/1.0.12 | White-List | No Lag | 24/7 | Survival | Vanilla-Ish | MCPC+ |

    There is no shame in your age, no matter what it is. Minecraft is for all audiences and honestly nobody will judge
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    Whitelist Server HazardMC | Direwolf20 1.6.4/1.0.12 | White-List | No Lag | 24/7 | Survival | Vanilla-Ish | MCPC+ |

    There is no need to be so defensive about your age. To be fair, Nobody really cares the owner just wants to know the general age of his community and being protective about it makes you seem silly
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    Whitelist Server HazardMC | Direwolf20 1.6.4/1.0.12 | White-List | No Lag | 24/7 | Survival | Vanilla-Ish | MCPC+ |

    In-Game Name: tehstatus Real Age: 17 Why Do You Want To Join: Looking for a nice community to play on What Experience Do You Have With Mods: Lots, i have been playing feed the beast for a while and have also messed around with custom packs Do You Agree To The Rules: Yes Which One Of The Rules...
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    Whitelist Server DarkLabs FTB Server [Whitelisted] -Small Community-

    minecraft Ign: tehstatus skype (required): tehstatus age (if ok):17 gender (if ok): Male Information is a bit sketchy but i'm willing to give it a try. You should accept me because i will put time and effort into the server and community
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    Private Pack | 152wgt + extras | whitelist | community

    What are your goals are for playing on this server? World Domination and Contributing to the community A rough estimate for when during the week you would normally be on the server? If i like it, whenever im awake Usual play style (builder, tech tree runner, etc)? Tech Tree Runner, Bee Maniac...
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    Private Pack UberCubes | 1.5.2 | Custom Pack | Whitelist

    UserName: tehstatus Have you been banned before is so why: Yes, Because you shouldn't give a server or admin responsibilities to someone who isn't responsible. Aka, I got banned because a kid wanted attention Why Should we allow you to join: I'm a positive member of the community and will do my...
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    Private Pack [G!C] - Industrial Slaughterhouse [1.5.2] [PVP] FTB like mods [CustomPack]

    IGN: tehstatus