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  1. krazy_kow

    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    Another one bites the dust... Hellfish again - just after I mined my first cobalt and was about to leave the nether for good (until BM pick + flight) Worst part is, I could have made a death protection puppet, but I wanted to save my ghast tears for the crops
  2. krazy_kow

    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Theres a tool for that... The soldering iron Just right click into the air and it opens a pretty self explanatory GUI
  3. krazy_kow

    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    You insert electron tubes into circuit boards to get specific effects. The different kinds of boards only have increasing numbers of slots for tubes.
  4. krazy_kow

    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    No RF (no matter how it's generated) - that's my rule for magic playthroughs. I'm not gonna loosen that, because once you open the gates there's usually no stopping me :D I'm also gonna miss the magnum torch, but there is a blood magic ritual for that I believe
  5. krazy_kow

    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    It wasn't as bad as I thought after all. I "only" needed to spawn like 30-40 blazes, and now I'm at the point where I can (and probably will) make the FM wrath cage. You really only need 21 blaze rods to get there: 2 blaze lamps, 1 for the alchemy catalyst, 1 for the rune of fire and 3 rods for...
  6. krazy_kow

    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Good idea, but that's not very automatable with early game means. At this point I'm doubling them with Thaumcraft anyway, it's not very deep in the research tree
  7. krazy_kow

    FTB Infinity Skyblock 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Are there any good ways to get Blaze Rods as a mage? I'm at the point where I have to start crafting runes of fire and the alchemy catalyst but without a compressor I would have to spawn in dozens of blazes with the ex nihilo method for that edit: Since this is also for venting: wtf... I feel...
  8. krazy_kow

    Open 2.1.0: /dev/null + translocators dupe bug

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: 1.) Open the inworld crafting grid from translocators (default button: c) 2.) Place your /dev/null (contaning any placeable block) in the grid 3.) Close the grid again with the hotkey, receiving 2 identical /dev/null Mod & Version:
  9. krazy_kow

    FTB Util Spawn Area Removal

    Have you set spawn-protection to 0 in the
  10. krazy_kow

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Does Botanias Terra Shatterer remember how much mana I put into it between each rank or will it reset if I grab it while it is charging?
  11. krazy_kow

    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    World Nr. 38 Manyullium(?) Pick, upgraded, ready to hit the dream world (or get the infrastructure going for it at least). I just wanted to get some nether diamonds, so I could build my first machines, when the hellfish got me. Next time I'll bring a scythe. If I can bring myself to start a new...
  12. krazy_kow

    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    No idea about the memory leak, but what I noticed in the spirit world is, that I sometimes saw monsters spawning which immediately disappeared. So when the server is overloaded, maybe these spawns happen and he doesn't catch up with despawning them and you end up with the spawns.
  13. krazy_kow

    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    That's not a bad idea, I'll have to remember that (I really hope I don't :D) Wouldn't have helped in this case though since I was out of food and couldn't have mined my way out with the kinds of debuffs you get with 1/2 heart
  14. krazy_kow

    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    My best attempt so far. I was just about to get ready to hit the nether when a drowning creeper got me by surprise. In broad daylight...
  15. krazy_kow

    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    To kill the time until 2.0 I decided to give the pack another run and started a new instance - this time on hardcore. Man I had almost forgotten how evil this pack is. Steel level was the furthest I got, in the ~15 worlds I made so far. Let's see if I can beat the dragon before eyemaz releases...
  16. krazy_kow

    Casual Server RandomServer|Infinity 1.10 Casual Whitelist|24/7|No PVP

    Well now it's really lonely. Server's been down for a couple of days now... will it get back up, or did I miss an IP change?
  17. krazy_kow

    I miss Mekanism!

    When you want to play with other people alerting the modpack often isn't a choice so you have to live with what the FTB team offers you. Generally I like their design choices which is why I'm sticking with FTB. Most of the ATLauncher packs have a little too much of everything for my taste, but...
  18. krazy_kow

    Open 1.2.0: Client crashes when placing a signalum-locked Tesseract

    I found a "fix" that worked for me: When placing it (without shift!) against reactor coolant ports it doesn't seem to crash. It doesn't have to be part of a reactor too, so just place one down and then the tesseract.
  19. krazy_kow

    Open 1.0.2: Tropical queens turning into marshy

    That's not a bug. Queens can only be found in village apiarys and villagers breed together everything they feel like. When you breed tropical and marshy bees you have a chance to mutate to common which is what happened here.