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    Can't play LAN - No further information?

    Title: Can't play LAN - No further information? Launcher Version: 1.4.11 Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: v2.3.5 Log Link: Details of the issue: LOG: A friend and I were trying to play FTB on LAN, but for some reason we can't connect. We both get this error to each other, even when...
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    1.8 Infinity - what are we waiting for?

    So I'm just wondering... slowly one by one, I'm seeing several mods getting updated to Minecraft 1.8x and refuse to do any further development on 1.7.10 (the golden version for minecraft modding, I have to add). But what I'm wondering now is, what are we precisely waiting for to get the pack to...
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    Ordo Research Points

    Right now I am very near the Ichor research, however I have gone through all my Ordo research points and am struggling with a very poor Ordo income through random nodes. Does anyone know the best way to get a good amount of Ordo Research Points?
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    Game crash causes screen's Gamma to go 100?

    I only have this since today... every time my game crashes (which seems unusually more common than normal.....), my screen's gamma goes all the way to 100%, making everything much lighter. Every time my game crashes I need to re-set this on my control panel, and is pissing me off by an extend...
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    Map numbers?

    So we're trying to reset our Runic Dungeons map (as it's kinda... empty.), however for this we need to know what the world number of this is. Is there any way on how to discover what the Map Number of the Runic Dungeons map is?
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    tinker's construct - Draw Speed

    So, I suddenly discovered a material with an extraordinarily high Drawspeed time (40, where Signalum is only 3). Now I remembered that a high Draw Speed time had its own perk to recompensate for, but I couldn't find what it was. Does anyone know what the countereffect is of having a very long...
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    Blood Magic - a true love/hate relationship...

    So yeah, those who have come to the Bound tools as well as the spells probably will know this: The absolute love of harvesting and terraforming great chunks of land with only a few clicks But the agonizing hate of when you accidently missclick with this, or when you run out and used a...
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    Something is draining my LP network... Pretty bad.

    So this is an annoying thing I came across yesterday Yesterday I finally achieved my Tier 6 blood altar and made the appropriately-tiered blood orb. I stored in already ~11M LP, which was great! :D. However, 30 minutes later, I defended my friend from a Witch Hunter attack, and suddenly I got...
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    "Server can't keep up", how to fix?

    Yesterday we were playing all fine on the server, a friend did some target-practice game, we had lots of fun (and lots of deaths too xD). But around an hour after that, the server started to lag. Blocks refused to disappear for 10 tries, chests took a long while to open, but strangely some...
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    That moment when... see a zombie armoured in Quantum Suit, you know stuff will get real. At one point I like this, but wtf? A mob in near-unpenetrable end-tier equipment as a STARTER?
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    Infinity Evolved.... ehm, what?

    So today I checked out about Infinity Evolved... I'm... not convinced it got 'improved'. Signalum and Enderium are STILL horribly OVERPOWERED. In fact, enderium even got STRONGER. (went up from 16DMG cleaver to 30DMG.). Enderium still only requires one shiny ingot (which can be found from an...
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    So I am wondering, does the FTB team actually do mod balances/patches? Namely, there are still a lot of overpowered or unseen dents in the tiers. For example (in Infinity); - Enderium; easy to craft, and it is even STRONGER than Awakaned Draconium (Tinker's Construct weaponry) - Signalum...
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    Wtf is this? o_o

    I encountered my altar like this. Wtf happened? How can I fix this?
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    (friend) Can't launch any mod pack

    Title: (friend) Can't launch any mod pack Launcher Version: Most recent (fresh download) Modpack: All. Modpack Version: All. (Newest, older and recommended) Log Link: (Advanced Debug log) Details of the issue: A friend of mine is having trouble starting up any game...
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    Open 1.8.2: (1.11.2) Crash when trying to saw Project Red blocks.

    Version: 1.8.2 What is the bug: When you try to saw (from the Microblocks mod) a lamp block from ProjectRed; Illumination, the game instantly crashes. Mod & Version: Infinity 1.11.2 log: Can it be repeated: Yes. Just attempt to saw a lamp block, and the game will...
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    Server for FTB infinity - How much RAM?

    So a friend of mine is going to start a server running FTB Infinity (With Mystcraft disabled), but he's confused about how much RAM he'll need. The server's community is relatively small, avaragely 5 people at a time, max 10.
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    FTB Infinity 2.0 - what's new?

    So Infinity 2.0 is close around the corner... HYPE! But I'm wondering; what is new in FTB infinity 2.0? Which mods got added, which got changed/updated, and which removed? What notable features inside the mods did get changed?
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    Very strange forum/site issue

    So luckily this is solved now, else I couldn't post this here. Earlier today I tried to get on the forums, but strangely I was logged off (while I normally am logged on automaticly.) I tried logging on, but nothing happened, it went straight to the homepage again, logged off. But every time I...
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    special gun round blueprint

    I am wondering, how do I get the Special Gun Rounds blueprint (from the new engineering mod)? I've been trying to find the old method; the Engineer village NPC, but I've already found 7 villages without any.
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    Special Gun Rounds Blueprint?

    I am wondering, how do I get the Special Gun Rounds blueprint? I've been trying to find the old method; the Engineer village NPC, but I've already found 7 villages without any.