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    Wollay's Cube World

    Tough times. Tough times.
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    PS4 vs. Xbox One

    Nope. At least never more. Nope too, this has been discounted. You didn't read my list, did you? I described all things about Xbox One.
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    PS4 vs. Xbox One

    Please, remember those things. I'd like to know about all underwater rocks before I make a purchase.
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    PS4 vs. Xbox One

    You are not informed well. At its E3 press briefing, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 will require PlayStation Plus in order to play games online. This is similar to Microsoft's current approach to online gaming with Xbox Live Gold. You need to pay for ability to play multiplayer.
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    AnyGood MMORPGS for mac?

    Or this is a good resource to find MMO for Mac.
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    AnyGood MMORPGS for mac?

    People should stop throwing money in trash bin called "Mac". Seriously, there is no point to avoid PC. But I have no interest in holy flame war, so please, if you think I am wrong, give me facts, or I'll just ignore any kids in da house.
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    Cube World
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    Scrolls is a good game for spending hour or so after work. It's like chess, but much more fun. I love it, but every time I want to go play Scrolls, there is a better game on my horizon :)
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    Guild Wars 2

    I lost my interest in GW 2 after 3 weeks of playing after release. I was tired of doing all these events (they are still old same quests), hunting for loot, zerging WvW (which is boring as hell). I think, I lost my interest in MMO at all after that. They are so similar, and I played so much f...
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    Wollay's Cube World

    All this crap with shop being offline and such just canceled my desire to buy. Too unprofessional, too few people in team, too unresponsive to community, too slow. My apologies to developers, but I am telling what is really going on from customer's side.
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    PS4 vs. Xbox One

    I am getting Xbox One. 1. I have no problem with being online once per 24 hours - my console gonna be online all the time anyway. Connection isn't required anymore! 1.1. PS 4 will require PS Plus subscription to play games online, as Xbox One will require XBox Live Gold. So there is no ace in...
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    Feed The Beast - Redpower and 1.5.x

    I hate when people go personal. Chill, sheesh.
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    [1.5.2] NumiRP

    This mod is useful, if it uses the same ID matrix, as RP2 for further replacement. If not - there is no point then to install.
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    Launcher v2 Update!

    Yes. Now let people, who know about usability, help out with this.
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    Launcher v2 Update!

    We are already giving feedback, bro.
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    Launcher v2 Update!

    Sorry, I don't like it. I think that static position is much better.
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    Mod Pack Update

    The only thing is RP 2 thing. So difficult with it's situation, but more difficult without the mod. Hope 1.5 will include it.
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    ModJam! A MCP long weekend Mod Making Contest

    Hey :) I think it's a nice idea. Also I've made you a simple logo with an idea of Rubik's Cube as a reference to creativity, savvy and Minecraft, also I used FTB colors, cause it unites us all here. I think it's good to have a logo for such event :) Also another font with more Minecraft...
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    New Launcher design | We need you!

    Mostly, when I saw all the designs, I screamed: "MY EYES!"
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    Petroleum Generator (A Forestry-esque BC/IC crossover mod)

    Stop the flame. Thanks.