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    (Agrarian Skies) A Hard Start- Sky Block

    These are very simple maps, i used Jadedcat's Platform map to have the Thuamcraft Aura Nodes well placed around the area.On this map you start on top of a tree, that is on top of one dirt block and a chest. In the chest is 8 flint, 1 torch and the starter books. I suggest getting the torch ASAP...
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    Monster: Things that should be disabled by default. Your opinions

    i have been playing ALOT of monster. And there are a few things that i find should be disabled by default. 1. Dyed Trees. first of all they ruin the landscape imo. Also those rainbow tree's are being use to power whole bases. the amount of dye they drop is crazy. Changing it all to Vanilla ID...
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    Monster 1.0.10 to 1.0.11- Will it require a server to make a new world?

    I was just wondering if Monster will need a new world like it did from 1.0.9 to .10. (Biomes o plenty & magic crops) I noticed in the 1.0.11 change logs they changed a few ore generation, added/removed. Also does changing of block ids also require a server's world reset?
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    Whats your Favorite mod pack and why?

    As the title says, I would have to say my favorite is still Ultimate. it has a nice balance. the way you need to progress in buildcraft and IC2 to get higher in tech is great. Not to mention the end game GT brings. Whats your favorite and why.
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    1.6.4 pack with greg tech?

    Will there be a tech pack that includes greg tech? Alot of people are moving to the ATlauncher because of this and i for one like FTB but the lack of a pack that isnt EASY MODE really drives me away. IMO the best pack to this day was FTB Ultimate. i hope FTB returns to that
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    Question about Biomes O'Plenty & 1.5.2 unleashed

    Why is this disabled by default? Does if interfere with the other mod world gen?