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    1.0.2: Squids taking over your server

    Version: 1.0.2 What is the bug: Is this a bug? I dont think so but where else do we post things to help our servers? Anyway. Shut off squid plants spawning more squids which spawn more squid plants etc etc as this causes problems for the servers. Mod & Version: Pneumaticcraft - whatever...
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    Whitelist Server was Direwolf20, now Infinity, adult players, friendly community, friendly helpful staff, teamspeak

    Autocraftnation is a growing group of servers linked together to give a good player base. Please see our website at for more info and to find the forum. We did run Agrarian Skies and then moved to BTP. After changing host to CreeperHost (server based in Uk) we have decided...
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    Whitelist Server Server no longer runs Agrarian Skies.

    This is a small server which has just been updated to Agrarian Skies v3.1 with a new map start. Please be aware that only mature players are wanted. There is no age restrictions as a player of 13 years can be mature where as a player of 16-18 can be an idiot. Players that are older than this are...