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  1. McJty

    My YouTube Channel with three modded Lets Plays running

    Hi all, I have a YouTube channel where I'm regularly posting YouTube videos. At this moment I have three series running. All these series I play with shaders (SEUS Renewed): SevTech: this is a big modpack where progression is crucial Grimco's Wasted: this modpack is based a lot on my mods and...
  2. McJty

    Work in progress: Ariente, a new exploration based technology mod

    Let me know what you think. This is far from finished. A lot of work still has to be done:
  3. McJty

    Upcoming Lost City World Types

    Here are two world types that I'm currently working on:
  4. McJty

    RFTools Advanced Shape manipulation

    The RFTools Builder was already a powerful block but with two new additions it will become a lot more powerful in the next version. Basically the 'Scanner' and the 'Shaper'. This overview gives an idea of what these can do: With the Scanner you can scan an area and filter/change things in...
  5. McJty

    The Lost Cities: new RFTools Dimension type

    This album shows what I'm currently working on. It is a new dimension type in RFTools Dimension. This landscape + city is completely generated: I plan to release this as a standalone worldtype mod too
  6. McJty

    Official site with all my mods and tutorials

    Today SnowShock35 and me launched a new site with all my mods and tutorials. It is a centralized place where everything related to me and Minecraft can be found. If you're interested in using my mods you can find documentation there (incomplete at the moment). If you're interested in developing...
  7. McJty

    Cooking With McJty

  8. McJty

    RFTools Control: new mod in development

    Hi, I would like to show you some progress screenshots for my new upcoming RFTools Control mod: These three screenshots show the current status of the upcoming RFTools Control mod. In the top left you can see the programmer (on the left) and the processor (on the right). The programmer is...
  9. McJty

    Need advice on how to optimize my youtubing workflow

    Hi, as some of you know I regularly do youtube videos (both tutorials and my lets play) but I have some trouble getting my workflow to be optimal.The problem is that it is a lot of work to get the resulting video good quality and I have to do a lot of repetitive things. I can't imagine there are...
  10. McJty

    Modding Tutorials for 1.10.2

    These tutorials have existed for a while but I just updated them with a few new sections. So here are my (fully up-to-date) modding tutorials for Minecraft 1.10.2: There are sections about: Basic mod setup Configuration files Custom...
  11. McJty

    RFTools Storage Scheme

    This is only valid for RFTools 5.01 (for MC 1.9.4 or later) Basically this is a scheme showing how you could set up your storage system using RFTools: Feel free to ask me questions if you have any
  12. McJty

    McJty play 1.9.4, Episode 1

    Hi all This is an experiment. In this first episode I talk about what I'm planning with this series and if I will go forward with this. Given the positive feedback so far it is likely that I will continue this. The first (very short) introduction episode is here: A very important thing in...
  13. McJty

    Mod Feedback Introducing The One Probe

    Hi all, I'd like to introduce a new mod that I made a few days ago for Minecraft 1.9. It is basically a more immersive way to get information for object in the world. So a bit like WAILA but then only when you hold a probe in your hand (you can actually configure the mod so that the probe is...
  14. McJty

    Look mama, no GUI's!

    Work in progress on my next mod. The mod is going to be much broader then what is shown here but this video shows the immsersive crafting system where GUI's are totally avoided. Note that GUI's for the regular crafting table, furnace and chests still work. This mod is Minecraft 1.8.8 only:
  15. McJty

    [1.7.10][Unlisted] Hardcore/tech modpack: On The Edge (CurseVoice and FTB Launcher)

    Hi all, I just made a new hardcore/tech modpack on CurseVoice. This modpack is based around my mods RFTools and Deep Resonance and is intended to make the struggle for power more present. No big or easy powergeneration should be in the pack (if it is then I need to make changes still). RFTools...
  16. McJty

    Working on new mod: Deep Resonance (powergen)

    Now that I'm back from vacation I will first work on some RFTools updates but then I'll start with Deep Resonance. I already created a github and wiki. Here is page with the current plans. Let me know what you think about this:
  17. McJty

    My new world, a first tour

    A first view of my new world. Just basically starting. No dimensions yet but some RFTools usage already. Warning: low sound quality as well as not properly synced. I don't have a good microphone. Enjoy :-) Some hilight mods: ExtrabiomesXL, ATG, Better Foliage, MoCreatures, LittleMaids...
  18. McJty

    Building a team for RFTools?

    Hi all. Today I realized that RFTools is becoming one of the bigger mods which is touching a rather big range of things in Minecraft. While I'm rather happy with my mod with regards to functionality, balance, and general concepts there are a few things that I'm not as good in as I'd like to be...
  19. McJty

    RFTools - Support and Suggestions

    It is time to put the old 'RFTools Dimension Poll' thread to a rest as it no longer fits its purpose. So instead I propose this new thread where people can submit suggestions, bug reports or simply discuss features of the RFTools mod. Link to the mod...
  20. McJty

    My Base (with some RFTools machines)

    Some people asked for this. A quick overview of my base which also features a number of RFTools machines: Work in progress of course. In the future I plan to use many more RFTools things once I get sufficient power. I want to do the teleportation system, dimension...