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    1.0.0: Recipe Conflict with smelting sand

    Thanks so much for the help. It's okay, Gideon. It would be too easy if everything went right everytime ;)
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    1.0.0: Recipe Conflict with smelting sand

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: It seems that smelting sand gives silicon from Silicio instead of glass. I used both charcoal and oak planks as fuel in a regular furnace and it gave the same result. Mod & Version: Silicio log: Can it be repeated: Pop sand in...
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    I'm a pretty casual gamer in most settings but I decided to give this modpack a try. (I uh...tend to get bored easily, cough) Just wanted to say that even though I die a lot (and that's saying something considering I die a lot even in vanilla) that I love this pack so much! Thank you for putting...
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    Weekly News Issue #2

    If I had to wager a guess, it would probably have to do with mod conflicts/missing updates for 1.6 minecraft. Just assuming though since I don't know which mods are your favorite.