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    Whitelist Server Directorate - Small Server | Monster 1.1.1 | Whitelisted | ATG generation! | BM & Graves

    Hi JargonTheRed. A friend of mine and me are looking for exactly what you're providing: a nice server where we can spend some time playing with others in a friendly and calm atmosphere. We both havent played FTB in a while and wanted to try out one of the new packs. It would be nice if you could...
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    Lightning Rod and energy transport

    Well thats true for cables, but not neccessarily for machines. The Matter fabricator worked similar before the update, now its just 8192 EU per tick and packet. The description of the IESU is inconsistent. When you use it the UI says 2048 EU/t in and out. In 2 of 3 wikis it says the same. In one...
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    Lightning Rod and energy transport

    Hi FTB community, Right now I have a Lightning Rod (LR) setup in my void eternal storm age. I use two Matter Fabs in that age, that are in direct contact with two LRs each, so I can supply a somewhat constant energy, afterall 25kk EU is depleted in just 1.5 UU. Is that a decent setup? I am...
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    Whitelist Server Veilcraft Gaming| Ultimate 1.1.2|Grief Prevention|Closed

    despite being added yetserday this server is weeks old and you can buy premium packages to get a headstart. not the type of community i wanted to play with. sry :/
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    Mystcraft Ages and Linkbooks

    yes there are several different plugins that disable crafting of items in specific worlds.
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    Workin' With Bees

    here read through this, I just recently asked the same questions regarding breeding. It even explains how to get new princesses, expecially the step by step instructions on the second page give instructions on how to get a new princess with specific treats. you can use that method to get more...
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    Mystcraft Ages and Linkbooks

    disable link book crafting only in that age. Hand out link books to that age on your own, write down the names, collect them when you delete the age. Or dont hand out any link books to that age at all and open a portal at the spawn
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    Bee Breeding Thread.

    thats not true, if something increases BY 120% it ends up at 220%. 1 increased by 1 is 2, natural numbers. So the "fastest"-trait will increase the productivy by 70%, in comparison to normal, to 170% which is the maximum, but most bees start out slower than normal. Well ontopic: If youre just...
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    Something I don't get about bee breeding

    Well after my last server decided to wipe the map I finally rebuild my base in SSP (5 wipes on 3 servers in 2 weeks are enough T-T) and I started to mess with my bees. I was kinda lucky in getting some pure commons first try and then got me a pure cultivated drone. As youve instructed mixed that...
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    Something I don't get about bee breeding

    Thanks a lot to you both for clearing my doubts and for providing a nice alternate guide to get to cultivated. So basically it is possible to lose your advanced bees since you will eventually only get hybrids which have a 25% of reverting (if both are hybrids). I think Ill start with breeding...
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    Something I don't get about bee breeding

    I know this thread is kinda dated, but the OP had the exact same worries as I, meaning I didnt know how to get more pure princesses without the DNA machines. So I now know that I can just use my pure drones to breed with a forest/meadow princess , get hybrids, mate these with my pure drones...
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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Hard Ultimate| Whitelist Server| v1.1.2| 18+ Community

    :D from google: ditto: "Used to indicate that something already said is applicable a second time." i.e. I also just want to know if I am accepted.
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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Hard Ultimate| Whitelist Server| v1.1.2| 18+ Community

    What is your username? _momomo How old are you? 24 Location (State or City & Country)? Germany Have you ever been banned? no Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Tekkit (the old one), DW20, Ultimate, in particular: IC2, TE, MFR, AE, BC, gonna start bee breeding next. Pictures...
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    [unsolved] EE3 Problem :/

    I read that looking up the reciped for the stone on NEI breaks the stone for the higher end recipes. A bug caused by Factorization. If it works when you remove that mod then it certainly is that bug. You should try restarting your FTB and use the stone without looking at it in the NEI. Or backup...
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    Steve's carts 2 with MCPC+ = no permissions to place blocks

    try these two also: [[StevesCarts]] [[StevesCarts2]] OP them. I was using PEX and just giving them enough rights wont help, they need the highest permissions from the server itself. you can also try SteveCarts, SteveCart, StevesCart. Not sure if the s is needed anywhere, but if the above aren...
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    trying to get ars magica to work

    well there is a possible solution, but since youre using a cracked launcher i wont tell you
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    I normally get a similar error with gregtech machines. If i teleport into their chunk it takes a while for them to load. once their texture is shown correctly i can use them, otherwise i crash when i right click them.