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    MindCrack 8.1.1 Client crash in multiplayer

    Clients are crashing at a certain area of my server. Server restart didn't help, and I checked on 3 machines now (Windows, OS X) and they all have the same crash.
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    [HowTo] easy Witch Spawner for infinite Redstone + Glowstone

    Witches normally only spawn at the witch huts in Swamp biomes, which are exceedingly rare as they don't spawn in any of the ExtraBiomes swamp-type biomes, only in the vanilla Swamp. And even then, they are rare in Vanilla swamps. Finding one can be exceedingly time consuming. However, there's an...
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    How to get Soul Stealing enchant on a Diamond Sword

    The Soul Shards mod adds a Soul Stealing enchant which gives you bonus kills for filling up the Soul Shards. This enchant is normally only available on Vile Swords, crafted from Corrupted Ingots. However, you can use the Uncrafting Table to turn a Vile Sword into a Diamond Sword, using 2...
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    MindCrack v5 & Direwolf20 v3 unofficial changelogs

    EDIT 3: Official changelogs are now in the Mod Packs Update forum : I see the MindCrack pack updated to v5 v6 and Direwolf20 pack to v3, but no official changelogs yet. I compared the changes for myself and here's what I noted. Please...
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    Updated changelog for MindCrack mod pack?

    MindCrack pack is on v4 but the Mod Pack Update forum only has notes through v2. Is it possible to get the updated notes? Also a suggestion, it would be nice to have the modpack changelogs accessible in the launcher.
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    What mod adds these treasure mounds to overworld?

    It's a small mound, with iron bars blocking the door. Inside is a pit, with 3 chests and 2 mob spawners (seems to be zombie/skeleton). They seem rather common, I found 4 so far. What mod are they from? Pics: