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    Stuff I'm Building in Resonant Rise

    Creative title is creative. At the urging of KirinDave I have decided to share any really cool-looking aesthetic builds or even particularly cool technical builds I make on the server I am currently playing on which is running the Resonant Rise mod pack by none other than KirinDave. Today's...
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    Village Spawning problem

    So I've been messing about on the 1.5+ beta with gregtech and I added a handful of mods to it myself, Ars Magica and Better Dungeons being the two that I can think of that might be causing this issue. I really wanted to find a village to set up a permanent residence in/nearby for the narrative...
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    The Techmaturge's Journal: A Narrative Minecraft Play Diary

    (A little something new I am trying out inspired primarily by the following threads:
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    Streaming my "beta" world

    Running currently with the DW20 pack just derping about in a world until the ultimate pack comes out. May show off my proof of concept for the beginnings of a fallout vault on our server