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    Witchery Explained!

    Episode one of my Witchery mod tutorial series! This episode is all about getting started with Witchery with the witches oven and fume funnels! Check out the playlist here!
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    Request Regrowth modpack Millenaire bug fix

    As seen in the above video, Millenaire can have issues when the chunks unload while a process is happening and is fixed with a chunk loader. To fix this bug you can alter the town hall building files to all include an admin chunk loader.
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    Open 2.1.0: 2.2.2 Pixie Dust oredicting

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: For some odd reason Pixie Dust isn't oredicted? Mod & Version: Biomes O' Plenty, Botania log: Can it be repeated: Yes Known Fix:
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    ƒel Plays: Blast-Off! A Minecraft survival map. Season 3!

    Episode 1 of my third, and likely final, season playing the Blast Off modpack! See the playlist below! Season 1:ƒel-plays-blast-off-a-minecraft-survival-map.60839/ Season 2...
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    [Challenge] A challenge map idea

    The map is a single grass block about twenty blocks away from spawn and spawn is a single chest full of saplings and sticks surrounded on all sides by two squares of water source blocks. Modpack is direwolf20 MC v1.7 and the challenge is to get an egg. Thoughts?
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    Using PneumaticCraft against Botania

    I am new to drone usage but they seem like they could be useful for killing bosses somehow, does anyone have any helpful tips for beating Botania bosses with drones?
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    ƒel Plays: Blast-Off! A Minecraft survival map. Season 2!

    Episode 1 of my second season playing the Blast Off modpack! See the playlist below! Season 1:ƒel-plays-blast-off-a-minecraft-survival-map.60839/
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    [Help] Using Loot++ to make stuff

    So I need to make Loot++ add a carpet block with a transparent texture, add special armor, and add a bow that deals a randomized damage wounding effect similar to the various forms of wither. Does anyone know how to use this mod to make those?
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    Request All I need is someone who can turn a model into a block or entity

    I've got a modder adding blocks and items and such for me for an addon culture for the Millenaire mod, he made all of the blocks and items and whatnot, but one block/entity still needs to be made. It is a model that needs to be uploaded into Minecraft. Can anyone help me convert a Techne model...
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    Help converting a 3d model into a Minecraft entity/block

    I've got an addon culture for the Millenaire mod and I want to give it a custom block/entity or two, the first one I definitely need made is a 3d model I have that needs to be imported into Minecraft and given the properties of a stone pressure plate. The only properties that are NEEDED is the...
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    ƒel Plays: Blast-Off! A Minecraft survival map.

    The start of my new series, found this pretty awesome-seeming survival map and felt like playing it! See here for the playlist!
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    New Tech World, what changed?!

    So I upgraded my Tech World with Millenaire server to the new version of Tech World and I am getting ID conflicts with Millenaire items but when I check out the change log I see no new mods added, where can I find like an expanded change log that says exactly what was added so I can find what I...
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    What exactly is FTB BETA A?

    Hey I just started using FTB on my server and I used the first choice on the launcher FTB BETA A... What FTB pack is this exactly? What should I look for to upgrade it to? I noticed it fell to the very bottom of the launcher and that worried me because there was no FTB BETA B to update to or...
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    Removing Forestry mk. II

    BETA A pack So I removed Forestry (out of fear that the dev would put in another world destroying bug again) and now my server has no copper or tin... I thought the other mods that used copper or tin would spawn it? x.x I also removed Mystcraft (due to lack of use), portal gun (due to its...