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    HQM Reset - Agrarian Skies

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if any of you knew of a command that could reset someones quests in the HardCore Questing Mod in the Agrarian Skies modpack. I know that there is an op book but I was wondering if there was a command that could do this as well. Thanks, zF4ll3nPr3d4t0r
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    Open Server ✜[TheNode]✜Agrarian Skies|2.1.6|Open|Quests|Parties|24/7|Epic Specs|Active Admins

    TheNode Agrarian Skies Version: 2.1.6 IP: Website: Rules: Do not Grief Do not Spam Do not Steal Do not Hack Keep Chat Clean Info: TheNode is a network of servers striving to provide the best game experience for our users. We currently run a Direwolf...
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    Problem Direwolf20 1.0.7 Chunk loading issue

    It seems that my server is having a hard time loading chunks on the 1.0.7 direwolf pack. We are running a 6gb shared server (Ewww I know) but that shouldn't be the problem. I have other packs on this same server will no issues. The issue is that when you are ingame chunks in front of you won't...
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    Open Server TheNODE|Direwolf 1.0.7|OPEN|Towns,Plugins,Staff,Awesomeness

    Hey everyone, I am pleased to announce that TheNode is officially open! Server Info: IP : Pack : Direwolf20 1.0.7 Website : Vote : Here is some quick info you should know before you hop on the server and start...
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    FTBUnleashed Crash, need help

    Server randomly crashes with this and I cant figure it out
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    UU Matter nerf?

    I was wondering if there is a way to make it so it takes more eu to make a single uu matter right now my economy is getting ruined because people have barrels and barrels of the stuff
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    Problem Description: Exception ticking world I need help with this error, I recently removed xycraft so I feel it has something to do with that but I'm not sure how to fix it (I could be totally wrong)
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    Problem Mindcrack 8.3.2 Gregtech Crash

    Mod Pack: Mindcrack Mod & Version: 8.3.2 OS: Linux Dedicated Server No Mods added E3 1270 v2 256gb SSD 32gb ram Pastebin link to crash log: Whats the bug? Alright. So the new update added the ability for Gregtech machines to use MJ power when they've been given an...
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    Out of Memory (need Help decoding error)

    Lately I have been getting out of memory errors and my server will just decide to reboot on its on, when you have alot of players that makes them mad. I dont see why it would be running out as we have 32gb allocated to the server (More than enough). I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as...
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    Open Server PheonixFireMC | MindCrack v8.3.2 | MCPC+ | PvP/Towny | Open | 75 Slots

    Server ip : Modpack : Mindcrackv8.3.1 We offer many cool features including : Player ran economy Specialized currency received from voting Special vote shop Custom events Website-Server integration Dedicated Staff We have many awesome plugins including : Towny (Players can...
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    Feed The Beast Series (Will be more informational)

    Hey guys I started a series, It will have a ton of vids and I hope to have it as a informational/fun series so we can all learn but still have a good time Episode 1 : Episode 2 : Episode 3 : More to come soon!
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    Ftb file transfer error

    Whenever I try to transfer certain files from the pack like the jar, it gives me this error, I can't start my server without the jar, anyone know a way to fix this