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    Do You Ever Cheat?

    I cheat in the Thaumonomican (sp?) as I hate the way the research was prior to 1.6 and feel it was a waste of my time. The changes in 1.6 are good and I feel is fair so haven't done it. I play with my dad and had to enable keep inventory and disable mob griefing for my sanity. I'd log on and...
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    Why no new launcher.

    Being in software development for 30 years or so it looks like the management team has let down the entire team. From an outsider it looks like they are making a lot of the same issues lesser experienced people make and their communication reinforces this thought. Trying to get a team cohesive...
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    Wow, just wow. WTH did I stumble into. //backs away from thread mumbling something about subby fighting windmills
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    Release Cycle Thoughts

    Over the past year or so I’ve noticed several battles over when to update/wait for new versions. Mojang looks to be putting out quarterly updates ATM and that’s driving the changes. We always come back to people arguing over updating quick and world compatibility. Personally I’m in the camp...
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    Farmland Randomly Getting Un-Tilled

    I've witnessed the issue and it seems it's the blue slimers. Putting a fence around doesn't help as they can jump on top of the fence and get in. The only thing I've found that works is 2 fences stacked or a 2 block high wall.
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    Fixing Lighting Errors

    Someone mentioned the other day that the bug is supposedly finally squashed in the 1.7 version. We'll see, we'll see ....
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    Want to get a FTB hosting for me and my friends, what hosting should I pick up?

    I can't speak from any sort of experience as I just do SSP. So take my opinion with a grain of salt as I'm just trying to be helpful and relaying what I've heard. FTB is sponsored by Creeperhost and they rent out servers for that. I don't know how good they are compared to their competitors...
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    Is Feed The Beast Falling Behind?

    I agree from what I've been hearing they are moving pretty strong in the API/easy update/speed improvements direction. So they are definitely listening to the modding community. It's just not going to happen overnight and some of the changes are going to be painful to do the first time such as...
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    Dartcraft: One of the most overpowered mods of our time

    This is pretty much what I used EE2 for, basically a trash can for cobble/dirt. Every once in a while I'd get a diamond so better than a void pipe.
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    Here lies the crux of the situation. I think I'm going to take a wait and see stance. Reading the responses it seems the majority like the idea atm. People judge companies and volunteers very differently on expectations/tolerance/communication so will be interesting.
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    Let talk Ender IO

    I got the binder error but all you have to do is change the binder ID in the config to something else and it works fine. I just added 100 to the number (4090 ???) and it seems happy now. As far as the mod I really like it so far. I've noticed a couple minor quibbles but nothing of note. I...
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    Why Do People Always Build Boxes?

    Because nobody has to look at it but me and I don't care, it's just a place to put machines. I do a 32x32 tower so everything is within those 4 chunks.
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    In your next Direwolf20 build, will you bother with IC2?

    Between the EU/MJ fight I personally prefer EU. For some reason it's just my preference for making and transferring energy. It could be that's what I started out with, so like an old shoe or the storage options. I tend to build up both systems so my base looks like Frankenstein with some of...
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    Phased conductive pipe?

    The phased pipes are in additional buildcraft objects and i don't believe are in the packs because Thermal Expansion adds tesseracts. Which do the same thing as phased pipes. There are energy, liquid, and item tesseracts which do the same thing as their phased counterparts. The main...
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    What Mods do YOU Manually Add to the New Packs?

    BOP and enchanting+ currently. Going to add flat bedrock and start over as it's a must for me, I can't stand the default bedrock. I added condensed blocks ( to my last instance and haven't decided if I...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    Bob after reading your walls of text I have to say it's not wasted. I feel the same way as you. Of all the MC drama this one is the first one I really feel adamant about. Call it professional pride or whatnot. Every profession has unwritten rules and he just broke a major one on purpose over...
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    Greg Tech opinion discussions go here

    I'm a take/leave GT normally but that time has passed. That a programmer would purposefully crash a computer/game over a petty argument is beyond my comprehension. If he is willing to do that what else is he willing to do? As a programmer, Greg has shown me that he cannot be trusted and IMHO...
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    Bullying and Attacks

    Rule one seems superflous since rule rule 3 includes everyone. All it does is increase the divide between devs and users especially since it's again mentioned in rule 3.
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    The Future of FTB Modpacks.

    I'll just throw my two cents in. A mod should never be included if it contains malware. This includes exploding bees, crashing minecraft, corrupting saves ... whatever childish bs someone comes up with next. If it were me I would remove GT and if ppl want to add it they can as that's just...
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    Recommended world restarts in 1.6.

    I'm going for August = 1.6 release and October for 1.6 FTB. :)